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Can you take Ibuprofen while pregnant?


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Ibuprofen during PregnancyOne thing that almost all doctors agree on: do NOT take ibuprofen in the third trimester of your pregnancy, particularly after about 32 weeks. Ibuprofen can cause the ductus arteriosis to close prematurely. The DA is vital to fetal circulation and should close in the first 24 hours after birth. Ibuprofen is used to help close it when it stays open past 24 hours (PDA).

Before 32 weeks, things are a bit more controversial.

A lot of doctors would probably advise against taking ibuprofen early in pregnancy (during the first 8 weeks or so), simply because we know that that that is when your baby's organs are being formed and ibuprofen has never been scientifically proven to be safe at that time. (It may or may not be. We really don't yet know for sure.)

Between those two time periods (i.e. approximately 8 and 32 weeks gestation), a lot of us think that occasional ibuprofen use is reasonably safe, at least if it is used only in small doses (say, 200 to 400 mg, maybe even 600 mg once or twice) and only for limited amounts of time.

There aren't any super-clear guidelines that I know of, but I would definitely recommend that you avoid using ibuprofen regularly during pregnancy, for instance for chronic headaches or anything like that.

no coz it can harm the baby but after you have given birth yeah

It is recommended to NOT take Ibuprofen. What is safe though is Tylenol


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no it is not safe, but you can take tylenol.

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No. No regular aspirin, only Tylenol or ibuprofen until 22 weeks.

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depends on what you have or if you are pregnant or not

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You can take paracetamol. Ibuprofen should be avoided in pregnancy.

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Tylenol is the only recommended pain reliever that a doctor will recomend during not take ibuprofen as it can thin the blood and cause problems in pregnancy or delivery.

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