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Can you take Prozac and lamictal at the same time?

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When Taking Lamictal For Bipolar Depression It Is Not Uncommon For A Person To Be Given A Small Dosage Of Prozac Or Other Antidepressents. The Dosage Of Prozac Most Always, When Given The Working Dosage Of Lamictal, Will Be Given In A Small Dosage 10 mg or 20 mg per day. I Strongly Recommend You Discuss This With Your Psychiatrist. The Reason For Giving a Small Dosage Is To Keep You From Going Manic. GOD BLESS & GOOD LUCK

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Can you take lamictal and Viagra together?

can u take viagra and lamictal at same time

Is it ok to mix Prozac and lamictal?

Yes, I've been on it for quite some time.

Can you take lortab and Prozac at the same time?


Can you take Prozac and Ativan at the same time?


Can you take Prozac and OxyElite pro at the same time?

No its pointless

Can you take 2 10 mg of Prozac at the same time?

can you take 2 10 mg prozacs at the same time

Is it best to take Wellbutrin and Prozac at the same time of day?

sure. i do.

Can you take Prozac and amitriptyline hcl at same time?

I am on Prozac, 10mg. for daytime use and 25mg. of elavil to relieve insomnia due to use of Prozac. Seems to work quite well!

Can you take mucinex DM Concerta and lamictal at the same time?

It should be safe. Mood stabilizers, such as Lamictal, are prescribed occasionally for those that have mood swings when taking a stimulant ADHD medication.

What happens if you take Prozac and sibutramine at the same time?

you need to ask your pharmacist. that's what they are trained for.

Is it ok to take Strattera Prozac at the same time of day?

I take them together at the same time. I have not experienced anything adverse thus far. It has been about two or three months.

Can you take Prozac and Concerta at the same time?

There is a moderate drug interaction when the medications Prozac and Concerta are taken together. These interactions include insomnia and should be discussed with the prescribing doctor.

What is the best time to take lamictal for bipolar disorder?

my daughter takes hers at night right after dinner. this way she does not forget and it is around the same time every night.

Can you take adderall lexapro lamictal all same time I was perscribed lexapro and lamictal from same dr. then i went to diet dr. he perscribed adderall for weight loss i didnt tell him bout lex lami?

i know you can do lexapro and adderall at the same time since i am personal prescribed to both. I am not sure what lamictal is though. Just try to take the adderall in the morning and take the lexapro at night since they would work against each other and would cause more than needed stess on your liver.

What is best time of day to take Prozac?

I just found out from my Therapist yesterday that it is best to take Prozac in the morning because it interfers with sleep.

What happens if you take Prozac and reductil at the same time?

I've just been prescribed Reductil and the doctor made it extremely clear that you cannot take Prozac and Reductil at the same time. In fact you have to be at least two weeks clean of Prozac before starting Reductil. The pharmacist who filled my prescription too was very clear about not mixing the two types of medication. If in doubt yourself - take proper medical advice, face to face. Don't risk it!

Can you take ibuprofen and Prozac together?

yes i do all the time.

Can you be on Adderall and lamictal?

Yes, you can take both medications together. My son has been on adderall xr and lamictal, with great results, for some time now. Steve

What happens if you take 45 Prozac pills at one time?

You Die!

Can you switch taking Prozac from night to day?

Yes, but you should discuss it with your MD and do it with their permission. You should always try to take it at the same time give or take one hour before or after the usual time.

Can you take welbutrin and Prozac together?

You can, - I do. Prozac 40mg one time daily and wellbutrin 100mg 2 times daily. Works great !!!

Can Prozac and Vicodin be taken together?

Prozac is used for depression, and vicodin for pain, if a person is not allergic to either med then they are often prescribed at the same time.

Can you take Ativan and Prozac at the same time?

Yes. My doctor prescribed 0.5 Ativan one twice a day and Prozac 20MG one every AM. Yes. My doctor prescribed 0.5 Ativan one twice a day and Prozac 20MG one every AM. Yes. My doctor prescribed 0.5 Ativan one twice a day and Prozac 20MG one every AM.

Why shouldn't you take Prozac and zoloft at the same time?

because they are both SSRI's, the two combined, especially at high doses could result in serotonin syndrome.

Can you take Prozac and skelaxin at the same time?

Yes, I take Prozac 20mg daily and Skelaxin 3-5x day. There are no negative interactions. Skelaxin, however is metabolized through the liver and you should avoid taking large amounts of it with other medications that are also metabolized through the liver (like Tylenol).