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Yes, as long as you turn it off when the stewardess tells you to.

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Q: Can you take a portable games consloe on plane?
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Can you take old typewriters on a plane?

Yes you can generally take the portable ones

Can you take a portable CD player on a plane in my hand luggage?

Yes you can. No problem.

Can you take your portable oxygen on a flight?

You can take in flight a portable oxygen as long as approved by FAA and also the plane you were boarding is also allowing you to travel with oxygen while your on flight.

How do you Travel with VHS tapes and airplanes?

Well you need to use a Audiovox Portable VHS Player or a Portable DVD player You cant take pirated VHS tapes or pirated DVD discs because its illegal its very punishable by the law. You must have a passport, tickets and money to do a long plane ride. You can take like a Handheld CD player, a PlayStation Portable (PSP), a Sega Genesis Nomad, a very old laptop computer (as much as a new laptop computer), a Sega Game Gear, a tablet or a DS on a plane.

How do you make something portable?

something is said to be 'portable' if you can take it with you...

Can a psp be better then a ps2?

Only by being portable and allowing you to take it with you. Not better in being able to play more complex difficult games

Can you take almond in the plane?

you can take almonds on a plane

Can you take trowel on a plane?

can you take a trowel on a plane

How do you spell portable?

My laptop is very portable because i can take it with me on my family vacation

Can you use a portable DVD player or a playstation portable on a plane?

Yes, if you turn it off when the pilot tells you to. Hi Yes you can use all those devices just not during take off and landing, when you take off and the seat belt sign has been switched off you can go ahead and use your MP3 player, DVD player, Sony PSP and so on

How much energy did it take for the plane to take off?

Depends on the plane

Can you bring electronic toys in a plane?

You can take these type of games with you but since it is an electrical device they will probably make you turn it off during take off and landing.