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No. Aspirin is not recommended for breastfeeding mothers. Paracetamol or ibuprofen are safe alternatives for pain relief.

I am not a doctor or midwife or anything like that, but I would not recommend it. When you're breastfeeding, everything that you consume is passed to your child through your milk. I don't think that it is very wise to pass any medications down to your infant. To be on the safe side, contact your doctor or your baby's pediatrician.

Call a qualified medical person. If you don't have one, go to a free clinic or local health department.

I am not a physicain, but I am a pediatric nurse. I would not recommend Aspirin while you are nursing. Tylenol and Motrin are safe. In certain instances Aspirin is linked to Reye's Sydrome in children, and it is passed through breastmilk in small amounts. I recommend to my patients, just to be safe, take Tylenol or Motrin instead.

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Q: Can you take aspirin while breast feeding?
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it is safe to take postinor 2 while breast feeding ile breast feeding

Can you take oxycodone while breast feeding?


What pain killers can you take while breast feeding?

You can take ibuprofen .

Can you take aleve while breast feeding?

It is not recommended as it could be excreted into breast milk.

Is it safe to take polyethylene glycol 3350 while breast feeding?


Can you take robaxin while breast feeding?

Antiviral medication no to breastfeeding.

How long must you wait to breast feed after taking medication?

You should not take any medication while breast feeding your baby that has not been prescribed by a physician. Be sure to tell your physician and pharmacist that you are breast feeding.

Can you take alkaseltzer while breast feeding?

Only your doctor can tell, so you are advised to ask them.

Can pregnant breast feeding take Motrin?

Motrin is safe while breastfeeding but is not recommended during pregnancy.

Can I take Doxycycline and continue breastfeeding?

Doxycyclene should not be taken while breastfeeding or Breast feeding should cease while you are on the protocol.

Can you take propranolol and aspirin together?

Yes,you can take aspirin while you are on propranolol.

Can you take the birth control pill while breast feeding?

yes you can. you should of course consult it with your doctor, but there are few pills that are completely safe for the breast feeding moms and their babies. one of them is Cerazette (Desogestrel). good luck

Can i take a Tylenol 500 while breast feeding?

Yes, as long as its not a habit the occasional acetaminophen won't hurt the baby.

Should you take aspirin while taking synthroid?

It's okay to take aspirin while taking synthroid. (Do not take more than what is recommended on the package of aspirin.) If you are considering taking aspirin daily for your heart, it should be a baby aspirin or 1/2 tablet of plain aspirin.

Is it okay to take norethisterone tablets while breastfeeding?

It is advised to seek medical advice before taking medication during breast feeding. Some medication is passed on to the baby during breast feeding and can cause problems. See your doctor.

Is it safe to take methamphetamine while breast feeding?

It should be glaringly obvious that taking it at any time is unsafe. In addition, taking illegal drugs while breast feeding constitutes child abuse, and you could very easily lose your child to child protective services if you continue.

Can you take Plavix with aspirin?

While you are taking plavix do not take aspirin without your doctors aproval :)

Is it alright to take panadol while breast feeding?

Read the box. it will tell you (which yes, Panadol is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers)

Husband doesn't think it is important to breastfeed our baby because he wasn't breastfed and he turned out fine How do you convince him that it is important?

I am sure you and your doctor have explained to him that breast feeding provides superior nutrition for his child and how breast milk also provides other health protection for hischild. Another thing you can talk to him about is all the things breast feeding does for you, his wife. While he will appreciate the protection breast feeding gives you from breast cancer and the mental health boost it will give you, there is another side benefit of breast feeding that will get his attention. What may most motivate him to get behind your decision to breast feed is that you can explain that breast feeding is one of the best ways for a new mother to regain her pre-pregnancy weight. Your husband is probably also concerned that by breast feeding your sex life will take a hiatus. He needs to be reassured that you and he will be as sexually active while you are breast feeding as you would be if you were bottle feeding. It is important that the both of you are working in concert as you raise and care for your child. If he does not support the decision to breast feed for an extended time, go ahead and tell him you do want to try it for just a little while. As he sees how important breast feeding is and how much good it will do for your family as a whole, I'm sure he will come around.

Can you take an aspirin while on antibiotic?

Sure, why not?

Can you take aspirin while taking aciphex?

you can overdose your body on aspirin which is really dangerous

Can you take birth control while breastfeeding?

You should not do this without first consulting a doctor. Anything you take may come out in the breast milk and may affect your baby. It is possible that while you are regularly breast feeding you may not need contraception - see the related link below.

Can you take Eucalyptus while pregnant?

Pregnancy And Breast-Feeding All forms of eucalyptus oil should be avoided by pregnant or breast-feeding women because of its known toxicity. It is not clear if eucalyptus oil is passed to babies through breast milk, but there have been cases of infant deaths from taking eucalyptus oil by mouth.

What effect does it have on the infant when the mother that take HCTZ is breast feeding?

The baby will be hypotensive.

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