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yes. As long as its not two different types. Like a monohydrate to an ethyl-ester or along those lines.

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Q: Can you take one type of Creatine for about 2 weeks and then switch to a different brand of Creatine?
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How long should one cycle on and off of creatine?

Generally you should cycle on creatine for four weeks, then off for four weeks. Check out the link to see in detail how to properly cycle on and off creatine.

Can you switch from Cymbalta to Wellbutrin?

If cymbalta is not working for you your docotor may sugest a different drug. The switch is usual after several days to about 2 weeks to "clean" your ststem of the old drug. I have taken wellbutrin & cymbalta (at different times in life) Remember to stay hydrated & always read the drug label.

What brand of nail polish lasts the longest?

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Should a 14-year-old take creatine supplements?

they can but it has to be very closely supervised by an parent of a personal trainer make sure he is drinking plenty of water and doing his cycle of 8 weeks on and 8 weeks off

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Will expired creatine be effective?

Ah man, there is no one answer for this. Some say yes (but a decreased potency) and others say no as it has turned into creatinine. I disagree with the latter answer. My suggestion is try it, if it upsets your stomach, throw it away. If it doesn't, check if it is doing anything for you. Do this by weighing yourself prior to taking the creatine, and 2 weeks later weigh yourself again. If you are loading the creatine, you should have gained about 1.5 -2kgs of weight (that is water rentention). Then you know it is working and serving its purpose.

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How long after you get your tongue pierced is it safe to switch the ring?

2 weeks (14 days)

When do you switch over from puppy food to dog food?

between 6-8 weeks

Get weed out of your system in 2 weeks?

Don't smoke, drink plenty of water, eat lots if fiber and lots of creatine. Creatine is very prominent in red meat but can also be bought as a capsule at your local grocery or vitamin store. The above will help to metabolize the THC faster as well as help prevent any remaining THC from entering your urinary system.

What is the best brand for Vitamin D supplements?

Healthspan. Took it for 2 weeks and it works great.

HOw long should you wait to change your earrings?

Wait at least 6 weeks to switch out jewlery :)

How many months are in 44 weeks?

As you probably know, different months have a different amount of days. The long-term average is about 4.35 weeks a month, so to convert from weeks to months, you can divide by that number.

How long will my hair color last?

It can last upto 6 weeks if its semi permanent and of good brand like Directions. You can try it here

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This depends on what brand of wormer you use, but generally, every 6 to 8 weeks.

Would a pregnancy test turn up positive after 2 weeks?

yes, but it depends on the brand that you purchase

What are the benefits of creatine?

Creatine is used to boost your high-intensity performance. It's been proven by guys in white lab coats that creatine will increase your performance in repetitive cycling sprints. It's not going to improve your endurance, but it will help you with speed in short bursts. And, unless you pump out hundreds of reps with pink dumbbells, you're going to see gains in your lifts. You lift in short bursts: You do a set, rest, do another set, rest and so on. Let's step outside of the gym for a moment: creatine can benefit you in ways that aren't fitness oriented. It may be beneficial to use creatine for muscular, neurological and neuromuscular diseases, like arthritis and congestive heart failure. Creatine helps to reduce "muscle wasting" in post-surgical patients. If you're lying in bed, not using your muscle, you're bound to lose it. It also will reduce heart spasms and may lower blood lipids (cholesterol). Dr. Caroline Rae led a study on the effects of creatine on your brain functions and found that it can improve your memory. She had her test subjects supplement with 5 grams of creatine a day, for six weeks. When tested, the subjects had an increased ability to remember long numbers and their brains operated a lot faster. Studies have shown short term use of creatine supplements to be safe and it's not banned by most sports. So to sum it all up, creatine is safe, you're allowed to use it and it can be very beneficial.

What will happen if you switch earring after 4 weeks?

Nothing, just make sure your hands and the jewellery are clean.

How many months are in 78 weeks?

Please note that different months have different lengths, so an exact answer is not possible. Divide the number of weeks by 4.35 to get an approximation.

Is it ok to take nitric oxide iso protein and creatine all at the same time through out the day?

Their is no risk at all while taking these supplements until and unless you do not exceed the prescribed limit of intake. First of all their is no need to take creatine if you are using Nitric Oxide (NO) supplement, because Nitric oxide gives you the same boost as you get from CREATINE. Buts still if you wanna use all three then follow this schedule : >Nitric Oxide in an empty stomach in the morning.. >Protein after having NO .. >Creatine 45-60 min before workout . > NO again 30 min before workout.. > Protein just after your workout.. >and at last...protein as the last thing in the night!! ...Daily value of creatine should not exceed more than 5 gms per day!! FOLLOW THIS AND IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS YOU WILL SEE THE RESULTS YOURSELF... ENJOY...

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