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No you need to take a regular class to get an electrical course license although in some cases you might be able to take a course online and get a license.

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2011-06-20 20:23:55
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Q: Can you take online electrical courses and get a license?
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Where can one take online electrical courses?

One can take online electrical courses at Electrical College of Canada which offers courses in pre-master, pre-apprentice training. Or one can take online electrician courses at PCDI's training program.

Can I take electrical courses online?

Yes, you can! Check out This site offers top schools that have electrician degrees that you can take courses online.

Information on online electrical courses.?

You can take online electrical courses at many colleges' websites. They are usually very inexpensive (comparable to on-campus classes) and fairly easy.

Can aspiring electricians take any electrical course requirements online?

Electrical courses that meet most state requirements are available online. has a complete listing of all online schools that offer electrical courses.

Do you obtain an Electricain's license after graduating from Electrical training schools?

Yes, you obtain an Electricain's license after graduating from Electrical training schools. You can also take additional courses to master different aspects of electrical engineering.

Can I get a loan officer license online?

You can take the courses to be a loan officer online. Most schools are accredited, but you still will have to take the national test to be a certified loan officer.

Does Idaho state board of accountancy allow CPAs to take Idaho cpa cpe courses online?

Yes, the Idaho State Board of Accountancy does allow CPAs to take their CPA CPE courses online to maintain their license.

Where could one find information about payroll courses in London UK?

There are many online courses offered by online institutions. For these online courses, you will enroll, study, and take your tests completely online. This is a good way to take courses in payroll.

Are there any online writing courses I can take?

Yes, there are many online writing courses you can take. You can find some of these at

Are there places online where I can take classes focusing on electrical issues?

There are a lot of online programs for electricians. Check out AND

Where can I take online paralegal courses?

There are a number of places that you can go to take paralegal courses online. You can go to Carrington at or

can you help me to obtain my electrical journeyman license I took the test once?

You need to be sure all your courses are up to date, take the test, and apprentice under someone.

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