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Where is this dead reletive traveling to that he/she needs credit? Sounds illegal to me, what do you think?

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โˆ™ 2006-03-14 11:34:57
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Q: Can you take out a credit card for a dead relative?
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Can you have a credit card at the age of 11?

No ,you can't have a credit card at the age 11.In the age 21 only we can take credit card.

If you get Sued for credit card debt can they take the house?

If you are being sued by a credit card company can they take your house?

Can you pay for a prepaid debit card using a credit card?

You can take cash on your credit card and use that to load a debit card but why? You can just use the credit card. You will be paying charges either way.

How does a lender use a credit card?

A lender can use a credit card in various different ways. They lender can issue the credit card and make money from the interest. The lender can also take credit card payments from the borrower.

If you accidentally sent money to the wrong card can you pay one credit card with a credit balance from another?

Yes you can. =Answer= Yes! Take your other credit card you accidently paid a balance on and use the ATM machine and take out the amount you want, then apply it to the credit card you want too.

How do you break into a house with a credit card?

you can only do this if the door does not have the dead bolt take the credit card and stick it inbewteen the doorway and the door (the other side of the hinges) then you slide it up or down until you find the part of the door that opens it, then you stick the credit card in there and pull back then it should open the door if you did it right.

Can they take your house if you do not pay your credit card?

Only if the credit card an "equity line of credit" which is secured by a second mortgage on the property. But then, if her name is not on the house, she couldn't have used it for security on the credit card, so NO.

Where can I get a credit card repayment calculator? has an excellent credit card repayment calculator for you to try out! it will give you an estimate of how long it will take you to pay off your credit card balance.

What other stores take macy's credit cards?

The Macy's department store offers a charge card and a credit card. Their charge card can only be used at Macy's, and a credit card can be used anywhere.

If you apply for a credit card do you then have an option to accept or decline if you get approved or do you have to cancel the card if you decide not to take it?

Applying for a credit card does not mean that a person has to us it. It is advisable that the person does not cancel the card, as this actually is harmful to credit scores, while having an unused credit card can be beneficial for credit scores.

When you die can credit card companies put a judgment on my property? I die, your credit card companies have absolutely nothing to do with the situation.When I die my credit card companies will take whatever I owe them.

Can you explain what "credit card services" are?

Credit card services are offered to take credit card as payments. These services are available on your phone, tablet, or computer, and make your business easier to do transactions.

Can a motorcycle purchased on credit card be repossessed?

A motorcycle that was paid for on a credit card can not be repossessed considering the credit card company paid the dealer. You must pay the card company back though or they can take you to court.

What does a credit card tart mean?

don't take my word for this, but I think it means someone who steals credit card #'s

What is the primary difference between a credit card and a debit card?

credit mean were you take money debit is what you give money

What happens if credit card dues are not paid n credit card company sues you?

they will take your money and repossess your belongings

How do you get a pending transaction taken off a credit card?

ermiyas in the building

Can you use your credit card to pay your monthly car loan?

I don't have an exact answer but for sure Chase and Capital One don't take credit cards. You can use credit card checks but no direct debit from credit card.

Where can i get a no credit credit card?

Typically you will not be able to obtain a credit card with out any credit. You are considered high risk and companies do not want to take a chance. But you can contact your banking institute and they can assist you in trying to obtain one. You can get a pre-paid credit card though and that will help you to obtain credit so you can later on get an actual credit card.

How can you get a credit card for your business without using my personal credit?

You take your old credit card and tell the bank you want to duplicate it and then ask for a separate spending card for your business. That way you have a card for you and your administration. Duh, yolo.

If you default on credit card payments can they take your car?


Does Amazon take money out of a credit card?

No cheque

What Credit Cards should you take to Russia?

Any credit card you can take to Russia. VISA and MasterCard are preferred.

Can a credit card company take away or place a lien on your Florida home if you stop paying the 12K credit card balance and you are not a US citizen and live and work outside the country?

no a credit card company may not take your home away. a creditor can never take anything away if the debt is unsecured such as a credit card. regardless of what anyone posts here, credit card companies cant do anything whatsoever if you stop paying them. your credit is ruined and they call alot, but that's all they can do.

Can a doctor's office keep credit card information on file to pay co-pays?

I am a doctor- but also go to doctors and take my kids to doctors (very often!). Blockbuster has had my credit card (for more than 10 years), hotels take my credit card, car rental companies take my credit card. ?Do I trust the doctor less than those companies? If I owe money, then they will charge my credit card- Does ANYONE have a (legitimate) problem with that?