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Q: Can you take spray deodorants on the plane?
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Is deodorant a liquid or gas?

Spray on deodorants are liquid.

How does spray deodrant affect the ozone layer?

Spray deodorants contain CFC's. They deplete ozone.

What are CFCs and how are they produced?

CFC's are coolant compounds. They are produced by deodorants, spray cans etc.

Is deodorant a solid liquid or a gas?

Deodorants are liquid - either in an aerosol spray or as a roll-on.

How were CFCs used?

CFC's are used as coolants. They are used in deodorants, Ac's, spray cans etc.

Can you take hair spray on a plane?

You can take hair spray on the plane in your carry-on if it's a 3 ounce bottle or less. It has to be placed in a zipper-lock clear baggie. Larger bottles of liquid are allowed in your checked-in luggage.

What are the unfriendly ozone products?

Products containing CFC's. Deodorants, spray cans etc are unfriendly ozone products.

Can hair spray be carries on a plane?

No, it can't.

Everyday items cause the hole in the ozone?

There are some everyday items which cause ozone hole. These are deodorants, spray cans etc.

What depletes the ozone layer in your everyday life?

There are many day to day products. Some include deodorants, spray cans etc.

Why a deodorant can explode in the fire?

Aerosol deodorants use pressurized propane or butane as a propellant to create the spray. These gasses are highly flammable.

What is the list of household products that destroy the ozone layer?

Various products destroy ozone. Air conditioners, deodorants, spray cans etc.

What are deodorants that contain aluminum?

Deodorants that contain aluminum ofc

Are deodorants harmful to the body?

Generally deodorants are not harmful to the body.

Is it a sin for the Amish to bath or take a showers?

No. They do not wear deodorants or perfumes, though.

What do humans use CFC for?

Humans use CFC's for various purposes. Some of them are refrigerators, deodorants, spray cans etc. It is mostly used as a coolant.

What are some everyday items that help destroy the ozone layer?

There are many everyday items affecting ozone. Deodorants, spray cans etc are some of them.

When were antiperspirants and deodorants developed?

Antiperspirants and deodorants were developed during the 1890s.

What can you take on the plane?

whay can you take on the plane?

What can you do to reduce the ozone layer depletion?

In order to reduce the ozone layer depletion we can minimize the use of products containing CFC's. These are deodorants, spray cans, refrigerators etc.

Are you allowed to take body spray's with you when travelling abroad by plane?

Yes. I did when I went to Toronto,Canada. Just put it in your purse,or some type of bag you want to bring aboard the plane. They usually dont check your items you bring on the plane anymore

Can you take almond in the plane?

you can take almonds on a plane

Can you take trowel on a plane?

can you take a trowel on a plane

What are natural deodorants?

Natural deodorants are things that improve your smell without using chemicals found in most packaged, store-bought deodorants. These can be oils, flowers, and extracts.

Can you suggest ways to reduce the amount of CFC in the atmosphere and recover the ozone layer?

To reduce CFC's stop using some products. These are deodorants, spray cans, aerosols etc.