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Wellbutrin and Zyban

Can you take suboxine and Wellbutrin together?


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Yes, and it especially helps during suboxone withdrawals. It helps for depression.


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You can not take Wellbutrin and Prozac together. Both of these medications are known as ssri's and work in the same fashion.

can you take wellbutrin 150 sr and fastin 37.5 together

You can take cyclobenzaprine 5mg with Wellbutrin 150mg together, but they both can cause drowsiness. Cyclobenzaprine is a pain medication and Wellbutrin is an anti-depressant.

Yes, there is no problem in taking this antibiotic while taking wellbutrin (bupropion)

Yes, you can take these together. Wellbutrin is an antidepressant which will help your mood. Darvocet is a pain medicine. Remember that Darvocet can be habit forming if you do not take it just as the doctor said to.

I do, for Borderline Personality Disorder.

Yes, you can, and many people do.

Yes, of course, their method of action is entirely different. WellButrin works on Dopamine.

Yes. Wellbutrin induces mania in some people. Lamictal can help stablize one's mood when taking Wellbutrin.

Yes. Taking these two medications together is not contraindicated (except for individuals with seizure disorders or bulimia, as they should not be prescribed Wellbutrin).

Yes. If prescribed by your doctor.

No it is not because I take 45mg of buspar and 300mg of wellbutrin and that is doctor prescribed

Can you take geodon and suboxine

no, read the back of the phenphedrine bottle.

Baclofen is a muscle relaxant. Wellbutrin is an antidepressant, (but also used for other conditions). They should be able to be used together. Please call a pharmacist to comfirm.

Yes you can take Oxycoden with Wellbutrin

Can you take Wellbutrin with antibiotic

No. Naproxen and Wellbutrin should not be taken together. Tramadol may interact poorly with Wellbutrin. Consult with a physician to get a thorough understanding of the potential harms of mixing these medications.

No, It is extremely risky to take Suboxone and Wellbutrin together. Wellbutrin (bupropion) is associated with dose-related seizure risk, Suboxone (buprenorphine/ naloxone) can increase that risk.Doctors do at times prescribe these drugs together, but when they do, close monitoring is recommended.To find out more, go to the related source link below.

My doctor has me taking Wellbutrin and Celexa (citolapram) and they work well together

It appears that the two medications taken together can cause major drug interactions.

can you take wellbutrin and phentermine at the same time?

I did today and was light headed for most of the day.

Absolutely, I do it all the time. I take 150mg of Wellbutrin and 75mg of Zoloft daily. When I have a panic attack (once a week at most) I take 0.5mg of Xanax and it takes it away.

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