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Q: Can you take the ACT without a diploma?
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do you have to have a diploma or ged to become a stna?

yes No you don't. You can take the classes without a ged/hsd. where can you take the classes with out a ged or diploma

Can you enter nursing school in Ontario without a diploma from high school?

can you enter nursing school in Ontario without a highschool diploma The answer is NO.

Can you get into the Marine Corps with a credit endorse diploma?

No, you can flunk without a diploma and can't get a job.

Do you need a ACT score to enter the Air Force?

No. You do need a high school diploma, and you will need to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery.

can my 18 yr old son get into any of the military without his high school diploma or can he get it while he is in?

Getting into the military without a diploma depends on which branch your son is interested in. For instance, the Navy he could not, but the Army he could join without a diploma.

Can you prove you graduated High School without your Diploma?

print a fake diploma and you'll get the credit

How Can I get into film school at 33 if my online HS diploma is not accredited and I have never been to college?

Ask the college you want to go to. Most community colleges do allow people to attend without a high school diploma. You could take the GED and get your high school diploma. Your unaccredited high school diploma isn't worth much.

How many years will it take to study diploma after puc?

3years in diploma course..

How do use the word diploma in an easy sentence?

Get your diploma and maybe people wouldn't need to make sentences easy for you. That was a stupid answer. How about "Without a diploma, it was difficult for him to get a job."

Can you make something of yourself without a diploma?


Can you get a job without a high school diploma?


What college in Florida wll take American academy of pinecrest diploma?

I got my high school diploma from american academy of pinecrest and I have been in more than six college including keyser university, Itt technical institute and miami dade college and they will not take it because they are not accredited by tallahassee and there isn't a certificate number in their diploma anyone could make a diploma without a authentication number or known as certificate serial number