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Can you talk to God?

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Answer:YES,Through Prayer. He CAN hear you.
2014-01-15 23:40:57
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Does the pope talk to God?

To whatever extent it is possible for any human being to talk to God, the Pope can talk to God.

Why does God never talk to you?

A:Many believe that God does not exist, and if God does not exist he can never really talk to you.

Does God and Adam talk?

There is no god therefore, the answer is no.

Is God talk possible?

Prayer is a communication to God

Can a teacher tell a student he cannot talk about God?

No, a teacher can't tell you you can't talk about god.

Can you talk about god in school?

YES, you can speak about God in school.

When does a cleric talk to his god in dnd?

A cleric can talk to his god at any time, but is most successful at an alter or a time of rest.

What word describes a person who thinks they know everything about god?

that's ok you talk about god but why the f*** you talk about Jesus who was him son of god or son of a coyote how the hell you made someone god

How can you talk to a God?

you can talk to god by praying and if you realy want to talk to him try to ask him to come in your dream and that's only if you believe trust and are respectful to him and his son and loyal to them

How can God of jesus talk to you at your dream?

He can do what he likes, he's god. Just remember that god isn't the only one trying to talk to you. Test what you've heard against what you know of god and see if it fits.

How do you get god to talk to you?

pray he talks to you spirtually Personally, I disagree. God doesn't talk, because then that would blow his whole idea of you have to believe to recieve. So no, he does not EVER talk you

Why do i not hear god talk to you?

Because he doesn't talk to anyone and he never has and never will

How do we talk 2 god?

we can not physically talk to god for that is impossible but you can contact him by praying.he will always listen no matter what.(answerd by chloe age 12)

Who did God talk to in the Bible?

He was talking to everyone!

Where did Billy Graham talk about God?


What is your understanding of prayer?

a way to talk with god

What do Christians do in preyer?

Prey, talk to God.

How do people talk to God?

Through prayer.

Who did god talk to you in the Old Testament?


Does Buddhism believe in god?

The teachings of Buddhists do not talk of a God, but if you wish to believe in any God or a sprititual force then you can.

When muhammad talk to god?

He didnt, he was completely insane at the time he thought he spoke to god.

What are the release dates for Super Soul Sunday - 2011 Oprah and Rob Bell What We Talk About When We Talk About God?

Super Soul Sunday - 2011 Oprah and Rob Bell What We Talk About When We Talk About God was released on: USA: 3 November 2013

Where is this Sylvia Plath quote from no longer talk to God or something very similar?

The quote is ' I talk to God but the sky is empty ' , its from The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath

How do you overcome a misscarrige?

just breathe deeply and meditate or talk to God talk to someone about your emotions

Why do people like talking?

because GOD gave them mouth to talk and they want to use it to talk