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No you can not.

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What role do the following play in educating the public against the spread of the HIV Virus the government the church the home

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Q: Can you tell by looking at a person if they suffer from AIDS?
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Can you tell by looking at a person if they have aids?

No you can not tell by looking at a person.

How can you tell if a person has AIDS?

It is hard to say whether any person carries HIV or AIDS by looking them. AIDS virus need to be identified from a person's blood by lab techniques. Only the medical report can confirm the presence or absence of an infection.

What does a person with AIDS look like?

A person with AIDS looks like anybody else, a normal person. It is impossible to tell if someone is infected with AIDS just by looking at them. It has no outward signs that would let you know if a person has it. In later stages of AIDS, they may often take on a very sick, gaunt appearance, because of AIDS ravaging their body, but there would be no signs that they have any particular illness.

What are some common misconceptions about the transmission of AIDS?

There are many misconceptions about the transmission of AIDS. Some are that AIDS can only infect homosexuals or drug users, that AIDS cannot be transmitted through oral sex, that you can tell if a person has AIDS by looking at them, and that AIDS can be spread by casual contact. All of these misconceptions are factually inaccurate.

can you tell how aidsdo the bodychang in a person?

can youtell me the signs in a person that have HIV ;AIDS

How can you tell if you have aids?

if you have aids, then you have aids, game over

In Bolivia one can tell where a person comes from by looking at his?


How can a person know that he is infected from AIDS?

You can go get a free HIV test at any planned parenthood and that will tell you.

When looking at a karyotype how can you tell if the person was a male or female?

You can if the person is male or female by looking at the sex chromosome. And checking if its a X or Y chromosome

If a person dies how would the police know if the person is black?

They can tell by looking at the color of their skin.

Can doctors tell how long a person has been infected with AIDS?

Depending on the symptoms, they can estimate an approximate date, but not exactly when.

How do you tell a persons age?

The only way to tell a person's age is to ask them. You can get a rough estimate by looking at them.

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