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It is unlikely that you can tell if someone is wearing a thong under gray sweatpants, or that you can see the thong through those pants. If the sweatpants were very fitted, it is possible that you could see a trace of the thong through the pants.

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It depends upon the color of the jeans and sweatpants someone is wearing as to whether or not you can see if they are wearing a thong through those pants. If they are wearing white jeans or sweatpants, you may be able to see the thong through the clothing. If the clothing is dark colored, generally speaking you wouldn't see the thong through them.

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No, in most cases you cannot know if someone is wearing a thing under sweatpants.

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Q: Can you tell if some one is wear a thong with jeans or sweatpants and can u see a thong though those pants?
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