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Yes you can....I have unfortunately had two ectopic pregnancies and tested positive for both.....

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What is a ectopic pregnancy?

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Q: Can you test positive for a pregnancy test if it's an ectopic pregnancy?
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Does ectopic pregnancy cause negative on pregnancy test?

No, it says positive.

Can you have negative pregnancy test If you are having a ectopic pregnancy?

if you go here it tells you all about ectopic pregnancy's

Can you have a negative pregnancy test if you are having an ectopic pregnancy?

if you go here it tells you all about ectopic pregnancy's

Will an ectopic pregnancy give a positive on a prgnancy test?

Yes, It can. I tested positive on a home pregnancy test at 26 CD.

Can a pregnancy test be positive after a removed ectopic?

Yes, if you're pregnant again

Do pregnancy tests still show positive with ectopic pregnancy?

I got a positive hpt when I was 4 days late with an etopic pregnancy. It depends on the sensitivity of the test and when you use the test.

Will you have a positive pregnancy test after surgery for ectopic pregnancy?

Yes just like after any pregnancy regardless of how it ends you will have the pregnancy hormones a while longer until they settle and the test will show positive.

Can an ectopic pregnancy come back positive on a blood test?

Yes, it can. It is still a pregnancy, and does increase HCG levels

Can a negative pregnancy test mean you have a tubal pregnancy?

Some women who have an ectopic pregnancy have a negative pregnancy test. The hCG which gives a positive test result, is released from the embryo implanting in the uterus.

If you have a positive test but nothing is seen on the scan?

It may be a blighted ovum or an ectopic pregnancy, Be blessed.

On the results of what test results is diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy usually made?

presentation of symptoms, a positive pregnancy test, and detection of a pregnancy outside of the uterus by means of ultrasonography

You do not get your periods nor is your pregnancy test positive since 6 weeks from date Is it tubular pregnancy?

I had an ectopic (tubular) pregnancy, and my home pregnancy test was positive by 5 weeks. I would go to your obgyn and get a blood test. They can check hormone levels to see if you are pregnant, how far along you may be, and if they feel it may be ectopic. Good Luck!

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