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Yes you can...but it cost money...i would just wait till after you have the baby it is much easier that way

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Q: Can you test to see who the father is before the baby is born?
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How do you Determine who is the father of a baby after the baby is born?

Get a DNA test.

How can you tell the father?

A paternity test after the baby is born

Can you find out the baby's father before the baby is born?

There's a test where they go in with a needle and get DNA from the baby in the womb but it's highly risky and not something they do. Just wait until he's born.

Where can you have a paternity test done before the baby is born?

How far along in a pregnancy before a paternity test can be done

How do you get a DNA test before the baby born?

I do not believe that is possible...

How can i tell who the father of my baby is if i am pregnant?

Ask the possible fathers to take a DNA test once the baby is born.

Is 18 consentual for paternity test?

A paternity test is a relationship analysis test that compares 16 different locations from a sample of a father and child to find the probability of a biological match. This can be done on any age even before baby born you can do the test.

If an illegal alien father has a baby with a US citizen mother will the father automatically become a US citizen after the baby is born?

No, he has to take a test and qualify to become an American citizen.

Is it possible to do a DNA test before baby is born?

It is possible to do this but there are big risks to the baby so the test should only be done where there is a specific medical need.

How can you figure out who your child's father is?

you will need to obtain a DNA test once the baby is born, then you ask the men to take the same test, whoever the father is will be responsible as well for the welfare of the child.

How old does a baby have to be to have a DNA test?

right when bornn can happen even before its born

How to find who is the father of my baby?

DNA test

If a father asks for a paternity test before a baby is born and the mother refuses can you get a court order?

No. There is only one reliable way to get a paternity test today before the child is born and that is through a amniocentesis. That means a needle will be pushed through the skin, tissue, uterus wall and into the sack where the baby is to test the fluid there. This is risky and can cause labor to start. When they allow to test paternity this way it is only if there are other reasons for such a procedure, like checking for illnesses. No judge will force a woman go through a risky procedure that can make her lose the baby.

Can you get a DNA test done while you are pregnant?

Yes if it is on you or on the person you think is the father. No if it is on the unborn baby. Technically it is possible in extreme cases if the life and health of the unborn baby is in danger, but no doctor will do it just to see who the baby's father is until the baby has been born.

How can one determine who a child's father is after pregnancy?

You can have a simple swab test done on the baby and the potential father(s). They do it on the inside of the mouth so no blood test is needed. Speak to your doctor or tell them at the hospital before you go home (if the father is there). If he refuses you can get a court order for a test to be taken.

Is it free to get a paternity test after the baby is born?

No. You pay for a paternity test. At least someone pays for the test. If you want to have a man tested to see if he is the father of your baby, you pay for the court order and you pay for the test. Then, if it comes back positive, he pays child support if you can get it out of him.

Can you get a paternity test before baby is born?

Yes you can at about 3 to 4 months you can have an ammnio syntesis and it can tell you almost anything from paternity to if the baby has any diseases or down syndrome so yes you can get a paternity test done before the baby is born. There are risks with this procedure though so if it's just to check paternity they wait until the baby is born.

How soon in pregnancy can you determine paternity?

The baby has to be born before you can test paternity. The baby's blood needs to be taken. You cannot remove blood from a baby in the womb.

At what stage can a doctor confirm the biological father of an unborn child?

You can't confirm the father of an unborn child, but once the baby is born a paternity test can be done

Can you tell who the father of your baby is before you have it?

The father of your nany would be the guy you had sex with, but if that is not known then after the birth you can use a blood/DNA test to find the one guy that is responsible. Of course you will have to get that same test from all the possible daddies.

If the father of my baby doesn't want a paternity test do he have to get one?

If the father is listed as the father on the baby's birth certificate, a court will be reluctant to order him to take a paternity test. If he is not listed as the father on the birth certificate, you can file a lawsuit to order him to prove (or disprove) his paternity through a paternity test.

Is there a test when pregnant to find out who the father is?

Not while you are pregnant, that I know of, but after the baby is born you can have the baby, the mom and the possible fathers tested. It's usually a very simple test and takes a week or two to get the results back.

Where was the first test-tube baby born?

the first test tube baby was born in Manchestar in England it was born on 25th July 1978

Can you find out a baby's father during pregnancy?

I do not think it is possible. once it is born, there are genetic tests that can be done, such as a simple blood test.

How soon after baby is born can you do a paternity test?

Pretty much as soon as the baby is born