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No- that is limited to law enforcement officers

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Q: Can you track the ownership of a hand gun?
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Where can you find who previously owned a gun you purchased?

You can't get this information unless the previous owner(s) tell you. There is no central registry that keeps track of firearms ownership.

Is there a correlation between rates of gun ownership and gun violence?

There does appear to be one. It is an INVERSE correlation. As the rate of gun ownership INCREASES, the rate of violent crime DECREASES.

Which amendment protects gun ownership?

the second

Should gun ownership be tightly controlled?


What restrictions do you put on gun ownership?


How old do you have to be to buy a cap gun?

There is no set age limit for cap gun ownership.

Which amendment deals with gun ownership?

The Second Amendment

Why does the US have high gun ownership rate?

Because we can.

Why can congress regulate gun sales ownership?


What is the name of the gun that shoots like arifel and is as big as a hand gun?

a hand gun

Was the amount of gun ownership increased?

Ever since 2008.

What is law regarding transfer of gun ownership?

Describe the situation.