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Can you trade Pokemon from silver to fire red?

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Where Can you Find Eevee in Pokemon Silver?

You have to trade it from Fire Red or Diamond/Pearl I believe.

Can you trade Pokemon from gold silver and crystal to red?

No, you cannot trade between the two different versions because the Pokemon are different or the Pokemon know different moves that are not in red version. When they re-make gold and silver for DS there may be some way to trade between Pokemon fire red and leafgreen to the new gold and silver but I doubt it.

How do you catch a charmender in Pokemon pearl?

Transfer it from fire red or trade from heart gold and soul silver.

Can you trade from Pokemon Gold and Silver to LeafGreen or Fire red?

No it's not possible. No method of trading where designed to trade between these games.

Can you get starter Pokemon from silver on Pokemon FireRed?

No, starter Pokemon are exclusives to every game. They can generally not be caught in the wild. You can't trade between Silver and Fire Red because they are not compatible.

How do you trade pokemon in red to Pokemon Silver?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to...

Where do you get Slowpoke in Pokemon Fire red?

You can't catch it on Pokemon Fire Red. You have to trade it from Leaf Green.

Can you trade from Pokemon Silver to pokemon firered?

No, you cant trade fire refrom either Ds OR gameboy colour games to GBA fire red, leaf green, ruby sahpire or emerald. Only by migrating.

How do you get Snorlax on Pokemon ruby?

Trade Trade from Leaf Green or Fire Red you have to trade it from fire red to sapphire to ruby to emerald!

How can you get a Growlithe in Pokemon Ruby?

Trade it from Pokemon Fire red

Pokemon emerald how to get a polygon?

trade from fire red or leaf green trade from fire red or leaf green

Where can you get Kanto starters on Pokemon pearl?

you migrate them from fire red or leaf green or trade them from soul silver or heart gold

How do you get carmander in Pokemon Silver?

you trade it from Pokemon red/blue or yellow

What Pokemon version can trade in Pokemon FireRed?

Well on Fire Red You can trade with Leef Green and only if you get so the sevii islands you can trade with emerald/ruby/sapphire. Also you can trade with pokemon Gold and silver if you get to the sevii islands. Hope i helped!

How do you trade with Pokemon FireRed and soulsilver?

Put soul silver into the ds cartridge place and fire red in the gameboy cartridge place, then get into soul silver and when it asks you what you want to do ( Continue game, mystery gift, new game etc.) and it will say transfer from fire red hit that and you choose the Pokemon that you want to trade over, you can only get the Pokemon transferred into fire red with the Pokemon you have in your box. choose up to 6 Pokemon and transfer them. WARNING Once you transfer them you cant transfer them back. :)

Can you get Eevee on Pokemon emerald?

No only Fire Red and Leaf Green and trade it from Pokemon fire red and leaf green

Can you trade with other Game Boy with the game Pokemon Red?

Yes, Pokemon Red can trade with Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver and Crystal.

How Pokemon off your Pokemon silver edition and onto your ds game?

trade from silver onto fire red or leaf green (not sure if ruby, sapphire or emerald will work) and then migrate them into palpark.

How do you get electabuzz on pokemon leafgreen?

You have to trade it from Fire Red

Can you get elekid in Pokemon emerald?

No you have to trade from Fire red

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