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Of Course ......NOT!!!

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Technically you can not trade on the GamBoid however you can transfer your saves onto your PC trade/battle then transfer them back to your phone. (See related link below for a tutorial on how.)

well you can't actually trade Pokemon from your gameboy colour onto the computer

It's not possible to trade from Diamond, Pearl or Platinum onto any previous game regardless of what system it was for.

trade diamond from Pokemon diamond onto Pokemon pearl

not possible unless you are willing to trade all your pokemon onto another game and trade them back once you have reset the game...

you cant sorry you cant but you cantransfer Pokemon from heargold onto black.

No, you cannot. The only way to keep Pokemon when you restart is for you to trade it onto another game, then trade it back onto yours when you need it. If you are restarting and you follow my method, then you should trade on Pokemon that have been purposely caught for that, like easily replaceable Pokemon that are common. For example: Zigzagoon, Wingull, and many others.

You can trade the DS Pokemon games onto Pokemon Black and White when you have the national pokedex and have found sort of the pal park in black and white.

Yes!You need to have 999 Pokemon in my Pokemon ranch and then hayley will ask you to trade a Pokemon for a mew she is putting on the ranch the day after.

correct me if im mistaken but if you take silver and firered for example and trade them then u firered to diamond

trade from platnium to diamond through either nwc orthrough having 2 ds systems

You do not trade, you transfer, which means that you need to go to a transfer place (do not know where it is). After you transfer, you cannot get your SoulSilver Pokemon back onto SoulSilver. It's sort of like migrating a Pokemon.

no, unfortunately only Pokemon explorers of time and darkness can trade with each other

you can only do it unless you have 2 ds'

trade from silver onto fire red or leaf green (not sure if ruby, sapphire or emerald will work) and then migrate them into palpark.

It is possible you are trying to trade Pokemon from the hoenn region (ruby, sapphire, emerald) onto firered/ leafgreen. This is not possible until have done a certain thing. The other possibility is that you need at least 2 Pokemon to trade.

no, although after you complete the game, you can get a manaphy egg that you can put onto your Pokemon pearl/diamond. check a game faq to find out more.

(migrate from emerald.) Now you can use HGSS to trade a feraligator to pearl.

You can trade from Pokemon Black Version to Pokemon White Version. Also, once you have a National Pokedex you can transfer Pokemon from other versions using Poke Transfer. But if you do, watch out. You will never be able to get them back. Never!

To get a Clefairy onto your Pokemon Ruby game, you'll need to trade one from Fire Red or Leaf Green.

You'll need 2 game cards and 2 DS's. Make one game with the Pokemon you want, then on the other make another game with a different Pokemon. Trade the 2nd Pokemon onto the 1st game, then delete data from the second game. Then make a 3rd game on the 2nd card and trade onto the first one. (:

No, you can only find it on Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald unless you trade it onto Diamond.

You can catch Larvitar at the Rock PokeSpot on Pokemon XD for the GameCube,You can trade it onto Sapphire after you've beated XD001 (Shadow Lugia)

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