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I don't think so...

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How to you put the furniture you buy in your room on moshi monsters?

When you are in your monsters room open your inventory by clicking the chest icon. Then, drag items from the bar at the bottom of the screen to where you want them in your room.

How can you put your furniture in your inventory on moshi monsters?

When you are in your monsters room open your inventory by clicking the chest icon. Then, drag items from your room towards the inventory bar at the bottom of the screen.

How do you get cool furniture for your house on moshi monsters?

You will find items which you can buy to decorate your room from the shops in Monstro City. Items rotate often so keep checking back!

What are the furniture shops on Moshi monsters?

You can buy items to decorate your room from most of the shops in Monstro City on the Main Street, Sludge Street or at the Port.

Can you send stuff on moshi monsters?

You can send gifts from the Gift Island Store if you are a paid member. You can not send furniture, food items or clothing, though.

What are some furniture items that begin with the letter A?

An armchair, area rugs and artwork are furniture items.

How do you be A list on moshi monsters?

Will, you have to have a lot of friends and be popular. For example, get a lot of notes on your pinboard, get a lot of gifts, accept and request a lot of friends and buy high-leveled items.

Where do members on Moshi Monsters get items?

There are a variety of ways to get things on Moshi Monsters. You can go to the shops and buy items with Rox. You can read the Daily Growl and watch for information about codes to get items. You can purchase real Moshi Monsters items. Many Moshi Monsters items come with a code that gets you a virtual item for the game. You can buy a copy of the Moshi Monsters magazine. Each issue of the magazine contains codes for items.

Where is one able to purchase reclaimed furniture items?

One is able to purchase reclaimed furniture items on various online retailers. One of those place is Virgin Timber Lumber. They have an extensive selection of furniture items that will drive anyone crazy.

Is eye pie healthy for monsters on moshi monsters?

You should buy different food items for your monster and see which items he/she reacts best too. Monsters have different food preferences.

Can you get igloo stuff in penguin storm 7?

Members can get the current furniture items with it,but you can't get previous furniture,Nonmembers still can't get member items.

What are some furniture items that begin with the letter R?

Recliner and rocking chair are furniture items. They begin with the letter r.Furniture that starts with the letter r:rocking chairrecliner chairrug

What are the collections of furniture on moshi monsters?

The items in the shops regularly rotate so there's no complete list of the collections but, if you keep checking back to the shops often, you'll find the sorts of themes that you can get.

What is some furniture that begins with the letter K?

King bed and kitchen table are furniture items.

Are there any cheats for Moshi Monsters?

There are no cheats for Moshi Monsters. However, Moshi Monsters offers ways to get Secret Codes. Secret Codes are available for many items on Moshi Monsters. You can get Secret Codes by purchasing Moshi Monsters items, in the Moshi Magazine, and in the Daily Growl.

How do you get the space poppet on Moshi Monsters?

You can get dress up items for your monster from the Marketplace on Sludge Street. There is no Space Poppet on Moshi Monsters unless you are asking about the R2 Trashcan which is a furniture item on Moshi Monsters. Due to the parody it plays when you click on it, the R2 Trashcan is also called the Princess Poppet. The code for the R2 trashcan is GINGERSNAP11.

What are some of the items made by Reproduction Furniture in Somerset?

Reproduction Furniture sell a wide range of wooden furniture mainly. Items range from cabinets and chester drawers to tables and chairs. They even sell leather sofas.

Where can I buy some clear plastic for my furniture in my office?

I would recommend going to your closest furniture store. Wal-Mart usually has furniture items as well! You always have the option to get your items custom fitted by ordering online!

Can you trade items moshi monsters?

You cannot trade items with other Monster Owners.

How do you get items by drop in aqworlds?

to get items by drop you have to just battle monsters till you get the drop

What is the code for the puzzle floor on Moshi Monsters?

Secret codes are supplied with items such as Moshi Monsters Books, the Mash Up cards and other Moshi Monsters items. A code from one of these places will get you the item you want.

What is the warranty on furniture from Sherrill Furniture?

1 week replacement and 1 year warranty in their items, I think.

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