Can you train a goldfish?

Yes, you can train goldfish. Goldfish are extremely intelligent animals and are able to learn a wide range of tricks! If you are thinking about training your goldfish you might want to look on you-tube and try to find a tutorial for training goldfish.

It really annoys me that people say goldfish are unable to be trained because they have a memory of 5 minutes, when in actual fact, many goldfish have been trained and they have a memory of up to a week. so, if you keep repeating the trick every few days or so, then your goldfish will learn the trick.

PS. i have two goldfish and they are both trained, they can:

eat from my hand,

keep a little plastic ball from sinking by bouncing it up with their heads,

one of them can blink,


they both beg for food.

Good look training your goldfish, i hope it is a success!