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No you can not.

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Q: Can you transfer a PokΓ©mon's power to another Pokemon in all Pokemon games?
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How do you get a shiny Entei in Pokemon black?

u cant u have to transfer from another games event

What Pokemon games can you transfer to Pokemon pearl?


Where is Pokemon 162 in platinum?

Pokemon 162 is a transfer Pokemon you have to transfer it from one of the game-boy games

How do you transfer to Pokemon Rumble?

It's another of the Pokemon so called "spin off series" you can't transfer any Pokemon from prevoius games. However you can put some of the Pokemon in rumble onto your wii remote where you can play with them on another persons wii that has Pokemon rumble.

Can you transfer diamondpearl Pokemon to other Pokemon games?

No Sorry

How do you get to pal park in Pokemon LeafGreen?

no you don't go to pal park in any gameboy game of Pokemon. its only for ds games. you transfer Pokemon from the game boy games to the ds games. for black and white you have a poke transfer place you transfer Pokemon from ds games.

Can you transfer Pokemon from Pokemon black to Pokemon Diamond?

No. The man that does Poke Transfer says that no Pokemon can be gone back to their original games. And the games weren't loaded to have Unova Pokemopn in them.

How do you transfer Pokemon to other games?


Do you have to beat the game to transfer pokemon from Pokemon LeafGreen?

You will only need to beat it if you want to transfer pokemon from the games Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness. You can transfer pokemon immediately to another leafgreen or a firered version using either the GBA link cable or the Wireless Adapters.

Can you get Pokemon from unova to other games?

Pokemon can not transfer backwards. You can get Pokemon from other games to Unova, but the opposite is impossible.

How do you get Entei in Pokemon Black and White?

You'll need to transfer it from the older Pokemon DS games into the Pokemon Transfer Lab or trade for it.

How do you get Charizard in Pokemon black without trade?

You can transfer it using the Poke Transfer from the older Pokemon DS games.

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