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You can go on iTunes with your iPod touch and you can put on the same songs that were on your nano that is how i did mine though Yes, you can. You can use iPod 2 iPod, it can help you transfer song from iPod Nano to your iPod touch.


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How Do You Put Songs On Your Ipod Touch ?

press syncronize on the ipod device thing.

you can't necessarily, unless you transfer your Ipod Nano's Library to your computer, then syncing your Ipod Touch with that?:/

If you already have the songs on your computer you just simply need to sync your ipod touch with your computer.

The ipod touch is more expensive and the nano is cheaper.

yes only if you have the new nanos, not the first nanos that came out. just plug in ur ipod touch to the computer and download everything, unplug the touch then plug in ur nano and sync it.

iPod TouchiPod touch is better than the Nano because it has every thing the Nano has and more. If you're thinking on buying a iPod buy an iPod Touch.

There is no iPod Nano Touch. On an iPod Touch you can add a PassCode in the General section of the Settings.

sell the ipod nano and go get a ipod touch well that is what i would do

YES. with the ipod touch you can have apps. u cant on ipod nano. you can have wi-fi on ipod touch. and all around the itouch is just better than the ipod nano

I prefer the Ipod Touch because it can do so much more that the Ipod nano. Except the Ipod Nano 5th generation has a camera.

Yes. There was a new Ipod nano that is touch screen that was released recently.

Connect your iPod to your computer using a USB and iTunes will automatically sync your songs.

You can download on the itunes icon on you ipod or you can connect to computer and then put in a cd. You can then transfer the songs. It is legal.

ipod nano is touch screen (if it is touch) and shuffle isnt. it only has buttons

Your entire music collection (iPad + iPod Touch) is already on your computer so I think you need to simply to simply connect your iPod Touch first and then select the songs/albums that were on your iPad to your iPod Touch.

The 6th generation of the iPod Nano has a touch screen. All of the other generations don't have touch screens.

The iPod touch has a camera and you can download apps for it. The iPod Nano can not do all those things. The iPod Touch can sometimes do text.

iPod Classic, iPod Nano 1st Generation, iPod Nano 2nd Generation, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano 3rd Generation, iPod Nano 4th Generation, iPod Touch, iPod Nano 5th Generation.

Yes and more! the only thing the ipod touch doesnt have that the nano has is a small screen! The ipod touch is a definite buy. I myself have one and it does everything. Also i had an ipod nano which i gave away to get a itouch.

* You touch the iPod Touch, but you cannot with the Nano. * With the iPod Touch, you can add all kinds of apps, like games, Facebook.... And those are probably the reasons.

Only the iPod Touch will run apps. The iPod Nano will not run apps.

It depends on the circumstances. Neither are supposed to be broken, but since the iPod Touch has more glass than the iPod Nano, it would have to be the iPod Touch.

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