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In case of e-ticket: NO

In case of window ticket: YES

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Q: Can you travel with a tatkal waiting list i?
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Can you travel with waiting tatkal 3AC ticket?

The Tatkal 3AC ticket may or may not allow for a travel spot. Often times the three travelers are separated and arrive at the final destination on different days. Seat availability causes the uncertainty.

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How do you book tatkal tickets?

You can book Tatkal tickets through Indian Railway Ticket Counters. Tatkal tickets booking starts minimum 24 hours prior of train departure from originating station.

Tatkal application for 12 th std tamilnadu state board?

2012 march +2 tatkal application last date?

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What is rswl?

In relationship to what? For train travel it means Railway Seating Waiting List, if someone cancels or doesn't show for the train you may get a seat.

What is CKWL in Indian railways?

a) CKWL is stands for tatkal waitlist . b) Charges : - As per Indian Railway rules in case of waitlisted ticket including tatkal ticket, cancellation charges Rs. 20/- per passenger shall be deducted and rest of the amount including tatkal charges will be refunded to the same account from which the amount is being paid. c)It is true that cancellation of Tatkal confirmed ticket would ensure confirmation of Tatkal Waitlisted ticket. REGARDS Sumeet Rathor

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When you can book tatkal ticket?

only mexicans can

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