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What is COM?

An abbreviation: commercial organization (in Internet addresses) Answer pronouncing COM only makes little confusion because there are different phenomenal differences while correlating this word to any of one. Few of them are as :- 1).COM is domain extension for websites which are solely part ( Full Answer )

How do you trust him?

Answer . If you have to ask this question then either you an overly jealous type or, he has given you good reason not to trust him. If we really listen to our inner selves we seldom let ourselves down. A "feeling" is a signal that we are usually right, but then, we have to prove it to some poin ( Full Answer )

What is trust?

Trust has a lot of different meanings, depending on how it is used.The most common is having confidence in or relying on someone else:knowing that if they make a promise to you, they will keep it.

What does the com in dot-com signify?

"commercial", as opposed to "gov" for government, "mil" for military, "net" for network, "edu" for educational and "org" for organization.

What is a trust?

A trust is a legal relationship whereby an individual (the trustor) or group of individuals transfers title to their property to a trustee. The purpose is to protect the property from creditors, relatives, any claims or liens made against the individuals, to remove property from an individual's esta ( Full Answer )

How do i get him to trust me?

Now, as i can see this is obviously to do with a boy, and you two must be in a relationship. But before i start dating someone i make sure i can trust them otherwise if you are in a relationship with someone and you cant trust them, you don't know what that will lead too. Just prove to him that he c ( Full Answer )

What are Trusts?

The common law recognizes two types of property ownership: legal ownership and equitable ownership.. 'Legal ownership' refers to the ownership at face value, for example, the person in whose name an automobile or a piece of land is registered.. 'Equitable ownership' looks beyond face value, to the ( Full Answer )

What is the .com?

The suffix of domains (The ".com", ".org", so on) were made for a couple of reasons. Websites like to say what they're about. "Com" stands for "Commercial", "Org" stands for "Organization", and so on. Although having a "com" domain suffix, a website does not really need to be a commercial organizati ( Full Answer )

Why does she not trust you?

It really is best for you two to discuss this and find out why she feels this way and if it really has anything to do with you or if they are underlying issues and you just happen to be the one she is taking it out on. If she has been betrayed or hurt in the past and has not dealt with it then she w ( Full Answer )

What is is a new and effective way for individuals and businesses alike to find environmental products, services, and businesses. The companies and organisations involved with us all have an environmental ethos, product or service to offer. By using you and the organisations and ( Full Answer )

Why can not you trust him?

Answer. Maybe you've been hurt by someone and trust no one. Maybe too he's given you reasons not to trust him, I think that only you have the answer to your question as you know him and I don't.

Ok your at the library keeping an eye on your 10 year old little brother your parents are trusting you 2 not let anything happen to him what do you do Do you panic and try to find him or stay com?

You left something out, but I'm assuming you were trying to say that you lost sight of him or he wandered off. Hopefully by the time you wrote this question, he had been found and is safe. That said, panic is a natural reaction to the natural fear when someone in your care is in danger, but it shoul ( Full Answer )

What is wwwask com? is a website it is just like google in fact is google but it is called ask. whoever read this should go on WWW.ASK .COM just to remind you

What is a com?

On the Internet a .com domain name, a top level domain (TLD)usually denotes a commercial website. While this analogy is notperfect , most all commercial web sites should use this TLD, but incertain cases, such as the .com TLD is not available, A TLD such, or .biz can be selected for the comme ( Full Answer )

What is meez com?

Meez is a virtual online world where you can make your own avatar and customize it in your own way. You can chat with people and invite your friends. You use "coinz" to buy clothes, backgrounds, dances, animations. It is completely free, but there are some premieum items that are "VIP" "VIP" is a me ( Full Answer )

Why is there a ask com?

it is 4 people who are dumb to find answers 2 there ?'s. there is "" so there can be other search engines other than "google" or "yahoo"

Where did microchips com from? In electronics, an integrated circuit (also known as IC , microcircuit , microchip , silicon chip , or chip ) is a miniaturized electronic circuit (consisting mainly of semiconductor devices, as well as passive components) that has been manuf ( Full Answer )

Who can be trusted?

If I was you I would not trust any one. Why? Because If you tell them a realy private question one day they might say " go to the pub and buy me a beer if you don't I would let the secret go public" Trust family hope I answered it well for you goodluck ;>)

Who is Com Tomrad?

It's just a reversed version of Tom Conrad, who previously played for the band The Academy Is... and is currently in the band Empires.

What is trusts?

They are commonly a fund account in which multiple investors accrue their combined investments over a certain period of time. Mutual fund trusts are the most common. they gather a pool of money from various individuals in order to invest it in a common goal. (ie. technology, energy, finance)

Were did the Koran com from?

The Holy Quran was revealed to Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) by Allah (God) through the Angel Gabriel as the final message of Allah (God) to mankind. The Holy Quran was written to create a permanent copy of Allah's (God's) final message to mankind after this there would be no more mess ( Full Answer )

What is spellingcity com?

It is a website that can help you learn to spell your spelling words! Lots of teachers use this site all around the world! so come on try it and you wont fail your next spelling test! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D!

What is a can of com?

"A can of corn" is a baseball idiom, referring to a fly ball that is easily caught. .

Where did gutierrez com from?

Oscar Guiterez is the real name of Rey Mysterio Junior a professional wrestler with WWE. He is from Mexico.

Is www wondercostumes com a trusted website?

NO! I purchased a Halloween costume from them and I paid for priority shipping so that it would arrive by Halloween as guaranteed and it did not happen. . I paid $15 for shipping and $50 for a Halloween costume that I can not wear and they will not refund me - they will only exchange for something ( Full Answer )

Can you trust narutofan dot com?

Well not really because every fan of Naruto has a different point of view or opinion. Like for example some people believe Naruto will end up with Sakura whereas other people believe he will end up with Hinata. The only person that u can trust is the actual author: Masashi Kishimoto (we love u Kishi ( Full Answer )

Trust on or trust in?

The correct grammatical phrase is to say "trust in." An example ofthis used in a sentence would be "You have to believe the coach isdoing the right thing. Put your trust in him this season!"

What does a trust do?

Allows one group to control many companies . A trust is a legal vehicle whereby the legal title and the equitable title to the property comprising the trust res is split between a trustee and a beneficiary. Theconveyance of property into a trust functions to put the trust res at arm's length ( Full Answer )

What is sqwishland com?

Its an online game in which you can connect with other players, complete quests, decorate your house, play mini games, earn money, and so much more! You can buy a pencil topper which gives you a code at doodle hoppers, this will give you one month free, go ahead and go to the wen site, youll have fu ( Full Answer )

Where do guitars com from?

Guitars were made around the 12th Century in Europe but didn't gain much popularity until the 19th Century. Electric Guitars, however, were made in the 1930's with the introduction of the Rickenbacker "Fry Pan" which had the capabilities of playing Hawaiian style surf music.

What is epoch com?

This company engages in fraudulent accessing personal bank accounts after cancelling site membership. Google reviews and see how many customers have been defrauded.

What is ntradinginc com?

Ntradinginc is a company that sale name brand clothes for a cheap price basic out of china. The items are real. They get the product straight from the companies. Most of the time it is product the companies say one item is Defected and they throw away the group of items, but not all are defected. An ( Full Answer )

Where does sushi com from?

It's just a Japanese word for raw fish. Loads of different fish can be sushi such as, tuna, salmon or even pufferfish.

Where did jazz com from?

Jazz evolved from blues, which was developed by African Americans at the turn of the 20th century.

Where did bahai com from?

The Baha'i Faith originated in 19th Century Persia, present day Iran. The prophet, Baha'u'llah (ie., "Glory of God"), was born in Tehran. He was exiled first to Baghdad, later to Turkey, and finally imprisoned in Akka, in the Ottoman province of Palestine. So the world centre of the Bahai Faith is ( Full Answer )

Can be trusted?

No it cannot! It's a fraud! Have purchased from them, they said they could not delivery the product, and never refund the money! Can you trust in someone like that?

How do you get points on answer. com?

If you give a sensible, informative answer, people can award a 'trust point' - The person awarding the point has the option of leaving feedback - where they can comment as to why they feel you deserve the point. However, some people see them as status symbols and 'beg' people to give a trust point f ( Full Answer )

How do you scroll out on a com?

to zoom out on a computer right click the screen and click zoom out. if this does not work then it can only mean that you are an idiot.

What is

This is the name of a website page belonging to a Freelancer web designer. You can visit the website to learn more about what Freelance services are available.

Where does answer com get its answers?

Thousands of contributors and Supervisors, all volunteers, answer questions on Answers and WikiAnswers. In addition, Staff may also answer questions. The answers given are often added to by two or more persons. In many cases, people take time to research answers if they do not personally know the su ( Full Answer )

What services are offered by Sun Trust com?

The website Sun Trust com provides help in management, investment and can create asset allocation solutions and an investment strategy to meet any of you financial goals.

Where did hajj com from?

Hajj is a tradition established by HazratAbraham (Ibraheem in Arabic) as per command of Almighty AllahKarim. Hazrat Ibraheem (AS) built Ka'aba and announced to thepeople (born or still unborn) to come to Ka'aba to perform Hajj.Thus Hajj was started from the age of Hazrat Ibraheem (AS). Hajj isperfor ( Full Answer )

Why did answer com not help you?

Probably because you didn't ask a good question. You left outinformation necessary to answer it, or your question was silly andmeaningless, or you asked for information we don't provide as amatter of policy (like the home phone numbers of celebrities, orhow to do illegal things). Or possibly, it's ( Full Answer )

Can answer com answer everything?

It can answer all that the users and members here can answer, and that includes millions of people who use Common people know much more than most others give them credit for knowing. Try asking a question if you want to give it a go.

Where can you find a com?

com or .com describes that a web site has some kind of "commercial"intent and it is called as TLD (Top Level Domain). It can be foundeasily for your website or blog at the sites which serves thedomain or hosting plans like; Godaddy, Big Rock, Registeretc.

Where do tourist com from?

Tourists are visitors (usually while on holiday) that travel toforeign country. They travel to enjoy, either for good sunnyweather, or to see the sights and enjoy the experience of strangeand exotic foods and differing ways of living. Tourism is a veryimportant source of money and jobs for the local ( Full Answer )