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Not really. You could start over and redesign an engine to be able to run on diesel but it would be completely different from the original.

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Q: Can you turn a gasoline engine to a diesel engine?
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Can you use diesel oil in gasoline engine?

NO, do not use diesel oil and a gasoline engine.

Why you cannot use diesel in petrol engine?

A gasoline engine will not run on diesel and a diesel engine will be destroyed if you run it on gasoline. Click the link.

What will happen if premium gasoline is put into a diesel engine?

If you're asking what will happen if you put gasoline in a diesel engine, the engine will be destroyed if you run it on gasoline.

What will happen if you mix diesel and gasoline?

Mix diesel in a gasoline engine and it will stall or run very poorly depending on how much you mixed in. Mix gasoline in a diesel engine and you will have engine damage.

Which engine is more efficient diesel engine or gasoline engine?

Diesel engines are more efficient than gasoline engines.

Is it possible to run diesel engine by gasoline oil. if possible then afterward what will happen?

No, putting gasoline in a diesel will destroy the diesel engine.

Can regular engines run on diesel fuel?

Gasoline engines cannot run on diesel. Only a diesel engine can run diesel. And a diesel engine cannot run on gasoline.

Gasoline in diesel engine?

Gasoline engine is an internal combustion engine where a diesel is an internal compression engine. Gasoline is highly flammable and explodes when an electrical spark is applied to it where diesel explodes when it is put under pressure

What happens if petrol is used in diesel engine and vice versa?

If gasoline is used in a diesel it will damage the engine. If diesel is used in a gasoline engine it will do no real damage as the engine will not run.

Can you mix diesel with regular gas?

In a gasoline engine, definitely not. There are times when it is not inappropriate to add small amounts of gasoline to diesel for a diesel engine.

What do you do if you put gasoline in your diesel engine?

If you put gasoline in your diesel engine, first be sure to keep the engine turned off. If you have already started the engine, turn it off. Then, drain the fuel tank, remove and replace the fuel filter, and fill the tank with diesel. This should fix the problem.

How does a diesel engine differ from a gasoline engine?

A diesel engine fires from compression and not from a spark. A diesel engine is also built much stronger than a gasoline engine. Diesel engines normally have less horsepower than a gasoline engine but have much more torc, or pulling power.

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