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you can turn off the lights of the cars and the radio.

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โˆ™ 2014-02-23 23:00:09
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Q: Can you turn off any thing in gta5?
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How do you take off a remote bomb in gta5?

You can take off a remote bomb in GTA 5 by pressing the D pad.

How too mute thing thing arena 2?

if you have speakers then turn them off

Can your genes turn on and off?

No, an organisms' genes cannot 'turn off' at any point. They are not mechanical in any way.

Can you turn off strong language in medal of honor warfighter?

Yes you can. It will ask you in the beginning of the game if you want to turn off any thing such as blood, or strong language. So i really recommend this to any one that want to play this game. An this is NOT FACK.-Jack

How do you turn the lights on in Club Penguin?

Well, you can turn off the light in the lighthouse. No cheats. Simple. Go there and turn off the switch thing beside the light. To turn it back on, turn it on.

What does interrupteur mean in french?

A switch to turn thing on and off

How do you destroy a firewall?

turn ir off in the contral thing

How do turn on or turn off the computer?

You press the giant button on your computer and hold it for 3-5 seconds. It will turn off. To turn it on you do the same thing. Do not press the monitor button that just turns the screen off.

Example sentence with the word turn off?

can you turn off TV? Do not turn off lights!

How do you turn off the vibration on a xbox 360 control?

You will have to turn off your vibration on the controller in the game options. You cannot turn it off in any system settings.

I can turn off my taste at will is this normal?

no its not normal..i personally have never heard of such a thing

How do you get a computer to hibernate?

If you want to make it hibernate you simply turn the thing off. :)

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