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Q: Can you unlock Hayley Williams without a mic on guitar hero world tour?
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How do you unlock Hayley Williams in Guitar Hero?

You can only unlock her in the vocal career mode.

How do you make your character on Guitar hero world tour look like Hayley Williams?

The easiest way would be to merely play through a Vocal tour, and you unlock Hayley Williams to buy as a playable character!

How do you unlock the Impossible Guitar Challenge on rockband2?

bet the all the challenge to unlock the Impossible Guitar

Is there a cheat to unlock the Guitar Hero battles?


Can you unlock a guitar in treasure book in clubpenguin?


Where can i get bonus songs for Guitar Hero on tour?

just beat guitar duals to unlock them

How do you unlock a guitar on Club Penguin?

You can buy them in the lighthouse.

Can you unlock all songs on guitar hero metallica with a cheat?

No, you cannot unlock the songs with a cheat.

How do you unlock all guitar shapes on guitar hero world tour?

Well, you have to do career mode on guitar. And you should have all of them after you beat it.

How to unlock petey Williams on tna the game?

download him

RuneScape how to get air guitar?

To unlock the air guitar EMOTE you must first unlock 500 runescape songs, these can be unlocked by entering new areas and completeing quests.

How do you unlock everything on Guitar Hero 5?

you dont yet its not out!

How do you unlock 3 extra songs for guitar hero metallica?


Is there a guitar hero smash hits unlock everything cheats?


Can you unlock Bret Michaels in the Wii Guitar Hero 3 game?

Nope, the cheat to unlock Bret Michaels as a vocalist is not included in the Wii version of Guitar Hero 3. Nope, the cheat to unlock Bret Michaels as a vocalist is not included in the Wii version of Guitar Hero 3.

Does unlock everything exist on guitar hero aerosmith?

No. Only a Unlock All Songs cheat exists.

How do you unlock god of rock in guitar hero 3 for xbox 360?

You don't unlock him, you just buy him.

How do you unlock Anna Williams in tekken 4?

Anna Williams is not a playable character in Tekken 4.

How do you unlock the song in the end by linkin park on Guitar Hero 3?

"In The End" isn't on Guitar Hero III.

Can you unlock the God of Rock in Guitar Hero World Tour?

You can create him.

How do you get the air guitar emotion on RuneScape?

Unlock 500 songs in the game

How do you unlock metal head in Guitar Hero 3 for the wii?

you buy him

How do you unlock the song Labamba on Guitar Hero4?

u just keep playing gigs on band until u unlock it

How do you unlock career mode in guitar hero on tour for DS?

i dont really think you can unlock it the options are locked too

How do you unlock hyper speed on Guitar Hero 3?

you need to use a cheat