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NO, unless something went wrong and there is a hole that conects your uretha and vagina, in which, there would be a MASSIVE problem


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yesNo, not unless there is something wrong.

In the future you might no be able to have babies or something might go wrong in your vagina

You have to get to your doctor without delay. This is something that your doctor has to help you correct.There is something wrong. Visit a doctor.

No, it is not normal too urinate blood at any time. The blood is coming from the uterus via the vagina; urine comes from the bladder via the urethra. Now when you are on your period it might look like there is blood in your urine, but there is not, so if you are now urinating blood, then there is something wrong.

if it eches you from the inside then immediatly go to the doc

no, if it does it is weird and unusual and there is something wrong with you

Feces come out of your anus (butt hole). Something is really wrong if it is coming from the vagina.

No. Something is really wrong if that happens.

If you think something is wrong with your child you should bring her to the doctor.

You may not be able to have children if something goes wrong such as the uterus. If the uterus had something wrong with it, it may not be able to hold the baby. It really depends on what part of the female reproductive has something wrong

It most likely means that something is very wrong,and you need to go to a doctor FAST!!!

Because something might wrong with the moon or if something bad happens

No, there is nothing wrong. This is normal. I don't know why exactly, but I know this happens to everyone.

If Something goes wrong with the heart, the vital signs will be different and will give you a hint of what may be wrong or it will make you concerned and therefor you will act to take action about it.

There's nothing wrong with it, this is discharge - this is how your vagina remains clean and healthy.

We would be under the care of a neurologist,

They normally brush it off or they squeak to alert you that something is wrong if it is bothering them.

the Hypothesis would probably be also wrong but its okay because a hypothesis is a educated guess

If you can't urinate w/o defecating, then there's something wrong. But urinating when defecating is very common and not a problem.

There could be something wrong, and it might need to be removed.

It could be a STD (Herpes or Genital Warts) or it may be something else. A trip to the doctor is necessary.

No. It is most likely what is called "Razor burn" and happens to sensitive skin when shaving. You could also be having a reaction to the soap you used to shave with. Wash carefully and apply a gentle skin lotion and it should clear up soon.

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