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Can you use 15A plug receptacles on a 20A circuit?

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No. You need 20 amp receptacles. ( if a single receptacle on an individual brach circuit NEC 210.21 (B)(1) )

Yes you can use a 15 amp receptacles on a 20 amp breaker in the states but not in Canada. ( branch circuit supplying two or more receptacle NEC 210.21(B)(3) )

15 amp receptacle on a 20 amp circuit is not code, partly because 20 amp circuits use #10 ga wire, which does not fit unto a 15 amp receptacle,(can be forced but lots of work.) Also a 15 amp receptacle will not take the 18 amps continuios that a 20 amp recep. will. ( It is code, see above. 14 awg = 15 amp, 12 awg = 20 amp, 10 awg = 30 amp )

20 amp wire is 12 gauge not 10

Yes you can use 15A outlets and swithes on 20 amp breakers they are UL listed for 20 amp even if they are stamped for 15A as long as the wire is 12ga to. ( NEC Table 210.21 (B)(3) )

2015-07-15 18:25:14
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Can you use 15A outlets on a 20A circuit with 12 2 wire and a 20A breaker and how many outlets would this allow?

It depends on if you have a single outlet (receptacle) on a branch or multiple receptacles on a branch.One receptacle on a 20A branch: The receptacle must be rated 20ATwo or more receptacles on a 20A branch: The receptacles can be 15A or 20ATechnical Reference: 2011 NEC210.21(B)(1)A single receptacle installed on an individual branch circuit shall have an ampere rating not less that that of the branch circuit.210.21(B)(3) Where connected to a branch circuit supplying two or more receptacles or outlets, receptacle ratings shall conform to the values listed in Table 210.21(B)(3), or, where rated higher than 50 amperes, the receptacle rating shall not be less than the branch circuit rating.Table 210.21(B)(3)20A Circuit Rating 15A or 20A Receptacle Rating

Why would receptacles have low voltage and the light switches no voltage on the same circuit?

lighting is usually on 15A breakers receptacles on 20A the probability is high that they are not on the same circuit. if they are the same circuit the probability is high that there hasn't been an electrical inspection

Can you install 12G wire to receptacles and 14G wire from receptacles up to fixtures in 20A circuit?

No. In a 20 amp circuit all wire has to be 12 AWG or larger.

Can you change 15 amp to 20 amp outlet?

You can replace a 15A outlet with a 20A outlet. However you need a circuit protected by a 20A breaker or fuse and 12 AWG wire to run 20A through the circuit.

Does the NEC code allow multiple 20A receptacles on a 20A circuit Put another way does a 20A receptacle with T shaped neutral slots imply that no other outlets are that circuit?

The National Electrical Code (US) allows up to thirteen 20 amp receptacles on a 20 amp circuit. 120V x 20A = 2400 VA each duplex receptacle is calculated at 180 VA 2400 / 180 = 13.3333 receptacles, since you can't put a third of a receptacle in, you have to round down to 13.

What is the right circuit break to be used for lighting circuits?

Usually 15A or 20A, but it depends on the wire used.

A 120 V general-purpose house circuit should have circuit breakers or fuses with values of?

I would say 15A - 20A

What is 5aΒ³ plus 15aΒ² plus 20a?

It cannot be simplified any further, so it is: 5a³ + 15a² + 20a

Can you plug in a 120v 15a lamp into a 120v 20a receptacle?

The answer is YESYour lamp will only draw the amps that it needs from the receptacle.

Missing fuse diagram can someone list the colors or fuses?

The fuse diagram for my 91 Capri is as fallows: Engine 15A Stop 20A Power Window 30A \ Meter 10A Hazard 15A ------ HTD B-light 20A Cigar 15A Tail 15A IG Relay Room 10A door lock 30A Audio 15A \ Fog Lamp 20A Air Cond 15A ----- \ Cooling Fan 20A Wiper 20A Heater 30A The IG Relay and the Heater are the big ones on the side of the fuse box.

Can an appliance rated for 15A be operated safely on a 20A circuit?

Yes, as long as the circuit is not overloaded. Some kitchen appliances require a dedicated circuit depending on your local code. In my area the following require a dedicated circuit. Dish washer, refrigerator, microwave, garbage disposal, stove, and 2 separate dedicated circuits for all the rest of the kitchen receptacles. Check you local code. Yes.

How many watts can I plug into a 120 volt outlet handle?

Power [Watts] = Voltage [Volts] * Current [Amps] These equations assume purely resistive loads, all in the ideal format, anything other than ideal will vary based on your homes wiring, the types of breakers that you use, the type of device [load] that you put on the circuit, etc. For a 20A Circuit: 120V (RMS) * 20A = 2400W (Keep in mind that this is an ideal case) For a 15A Circuit: 120V (RMS) * 15A = 1800W (Keep in mind that this is an ideal case)

Do you have a 15 0r 20 amp circuit?

Go to your distribution panel and shut off the breaker that you think is the circuit in question. If the circuit becomes de-energized then the breaker you just turned off feeds that circuit. Look on the handle of the breaker and the number you see is the amperage of that circuit. <<>> Determination of a 15 or 20 Ampere circuit is normally indicated by a combination of a 20A breaker and a 20A dedicated outlet. A 15A circuit normally has multiple outlets; not typical in a 20A circuit.

How do you upgrade from 120V 15A to 120V 20A or from 240V 20A to 240V 30A?

You have to replace the wire (as you are increasing the current capacity), the outlet, and the breaker. Essentially you have to remove the old circuit and put in a new one. You can't reuse parts of the old circuit as you are increasing the current capacity and they would be underrated.

Can a 120v 15a lamp be safely plugged into a 120v 20a receptacle?

Yes, it can!

What size is a fuse on a 350 warrior?

Stock fuses are usually 15a, but I use a 20a.

How many 120VAC single-phase output receptacles does a 25kW Power Distribution panel have?

If you are referring to the 25KW Power Distribution Panel used by the military, NSN: 6110-01-244-3209, there are four 120VAC, 20A circuit breakers and four corresponding twist lock receptacles.

What number wire gauge for a single pole light switch?

In residential wiring applications the most used is 14 gauge wire for light switches as long as the circuit breaker or the fuse is 15A. If your lighting circuit is on a 20A fuse/circuit breaker then you need to use 12 gauge wire

Can an espresso machine with a 20A 240V Leviton plug be powered without rewiring?

You need a dedicated circuit for that. You cannot power a 220V device off 110V.

Can a 30A 240V outlet be replaced by a 20A 240V one?

You can, but be advised that whatever you plug into the new outlet should not exceed 5000W capacity (20A x 250V = 5000W)or you could risk overheating the new outlet with serious results. To prevent this, you should make sure the circuit breaker is a 20A also.

Can you plug a 220 dryer in an 220 aircondition plug?

Probably not, the pin configuration of a 30A dryer plug should be different from a 15 or 20A A/C plug. The demand draw of a dryer is higher than that a A/C unit and would trip the 15 or 20A breaker. By putting a bigger breaker on the A/C circuit would not be a good idea either because the wire size to the A/C plug would then be under sized.

How many wall outlets can you have in a kitchen using a 20 Amp breaker?

Kitchens tend to have a number of higher amperage appliances so you don't want to use the rule of thumb which would be 8 per 20A circuit. One typical trick would be a separate 20A circuit for things like microwaves or toaster ovens and then stagger several circuits along back-splash areas so you can easily reach a separate circuit if you have a number of appliances in the same area. You should always have separate circuits for major appliances like refrigerators and dish washers. According to the National Electrical Code book (NEC) each receptacle is calculated at 180 VA. A 20A circuit at 120V would be 2400 VA. Divide 2400 VA by 180 VA = 13.33 receptacles per 20a circuit (13 receptacles), but the above poster is correct in saying that the more circuits in a kitchen the better. The NEC requires at least two small appliance branch circuits in a kitchen.

Can a 120v 20a receptacle be converted to a 120v 15a receptacle?

No, it would not be safe unless you replace the 20 amp circuit breaker with a 15 amp one. All the components of a circuit must meet the minimum capacity. If you replace a "big" receptacle with a weaker one, it may cause problems.

What is 2 pole 20 a circuit breaker used for?

A two pole 20A circuit breaker can be used for any 240V load that requires 20A, with supply conductors no smaller than 12AWG. Since a clothes dryer typically requires 30A, and a range 40A to 50A, a 20A 240V circuit could probably be a window air conditioner, pool pump, or some other 20A 240V load.

20 amp breaker power verse 15amp breaker power?

The 20A breaker can handle (25%) more power than the 15A breaker, because of this the wires used inside the walls is larger. Some circuits must be 20A, the laundry and kitchen are examples of 20A circuits.