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Can you use ChapStick after you get your lip pierced?

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Using ChapStick After a PiercingYes, use a non colored and non alcohol based kind until the whole heals up. bestkind is anyone made with beeswax in it. AnswerYup I Used Mine The Day After I Got It Pierced Dont Worry About Finding A Spacific "alchol free" Because Most Chapsticks Dont Have it In There Because i drys Your Lips Out More So I Dont Know What Tha Person Was Talking About.

- This is not true. A vast majority of lip balms use alcohol in them that actually DRIES out your lips. The reason your lips feel smooth after applying chapstick is because the alcohol creates a cool medicated feeling, but it will actually just dry your lips out. You would be best going with a brand like burts bees or putting vaseline on your lips. Just check the labels to make sure there is no alcohol in it.

2010-06-22 03:17:14
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Is there a difference between lip balm and chap stick?

No, Chapstick is a brand name for lip balm. Like Nike is to shoes, chapstick is to lip balm.

Is it better to use beeswax or Vaseline in chapstick?

It's better to use beeswax because Vaseline is too greasy to use in chapstick or any lipstick, except for lip gloss. If you're making LIP GLOSS then you should definitely use Vaseline. Otherwise don't use it.

Should you where lip gloss when kissing?

No, you should wear chapstick. I wear lip gloss alot! but you should wear chapstick because lip gloss is sticky and guys dont want that. Also if your chapstick is scented or flavored its a plus.

Can you apply makeup after lip piercing?

No, do NOT put any make-up around the pierced area. Also, you shouldn't kiss anyone, put any lip stuff on (chapstick, lip gloss, lip stick, etc.), and give oral sex. This could cause infection.

Which lip balm is better Lip Smackers or Chapstick?

It depends on whether you want shiny lips. If you do, pick Lip Smackers. Chapstick is for people who don't want shiny lips.

Can you use a regular earring instead of a lip ring when your lip is already pierced?

no you can't

What not to use while your lip piercing is healing?

-Mouthwash with alcohol -peroxide -alcohol -Don't put chapstick/lip balm around the actual piercing. You can use it just not on it.

Where should you get your lip pierced?

On your lip...

Is chapstick the same as lip balm?

Chap-Stick is a particular brand of lip balm.

Does Burts Bees lip gloss work the same way as Chapstick?

Burts Bees lip gloss is made with all natural oils to leave your lips shiny and soft, however it does not protect your lips from sun and wind the same as Chapstick. Chapstick is a lip balm made of waxes.

How old was Tom Kaulitz when he got his lip pierced?

He was 13 when he got his lip pierced =]

What is better to put on your lips chapstick or lipgloss.?

lip gloss and chapstick moisturizes the lips and doesn't make them dry..

What side was dougie poynters lip pierced?

Dougie Had his Lip Pierced on his Left Hand side.

Can you down size on your lip?

If you want to downsize your lip, avoid shimmery lipstick. Also, lip gloss will make your lips look bigger. If you want to moisturize over lipstick, use chapstick.

Does your lip come up when you pierced your lip?

Different people's bodies react differently, but yes, your lip can swell after getting it pierced.

What are some flavors of ChapStick?

There are quite a few enticing flavors of ChapStick. Among these flavors are apple and Cherry. ChapStick is a make of lip balm made by the company Pfizer.

When did tom kaulitz get his lip pierced?

Tom kaulitz got his lip pierced at age 13 im 12 and im going to get my lip pierced like his, he IS quite a womanizer (hot)!

Meaning of pierced lip?

A pierced lip, there is no meaning, just a pierced lip. Body piercing, no matter where it is, is self expression. You either pierce yourself for show, maybe it means something to you.

Is chap ice cheap chapstick?

No, chapice is more like a combination of blistex lip ointment and chapstick. Very nice!

What do you eat after you got your lip pierced?

you have to wait 2 hours before you eat anything if you have your lip pierced.

Can you get your lip pierced at 15 with parent permission in Indiana?

yeah I think you can get your lip pierced at 15 in Indiana

When was Chapstick invented?

Dr. C. D. Fleet, a physician from Lynchburg, Virginia, invented Chapstick or lip balm in the early 1880s.

What is Miley Cyrus Fave Lip Gloss?

ChapStick- "I'm a ChapStickaholic!"

What is it called when your lip is pierced between the corner of your lip and the middle of the lower lip?


Were do you get your you lip pierced at?

Well Really You Can Get It Pierced At Any Tatto Parlor