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No. It is bad because no Guitar Hero for DS and You can't migrate Pokemon.

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Yes, The original ds and ds lite can, but the new DSi can not.

No, you won't be able to do that unless the game/DSi you trade in are very recent games or limited edition/new.

of the game boy, no. although its successor, the DS, is coming with many new versions, like DS Lite, DSI, DSI XL, and coming soon(ish) the 3DS

no you can not. the latest model of a Nintendo handheld that can play game boy color is the game boy adavance/ game boy advance sp. Plus with the new DSi it doesnt even have an game boy advance slot at all>

Probably not because i saw a video showing the difference and the main one is the DSi XL is bigger

Not really, the DSi will be worth more, unless the DSi is in bad condition, and the DS Lite is new. The DSi would have to be refurbished or very used and the DS Lite would have to be new. The game would also have to be a newer game, which would make up the price difference. Now, a DS Lite and 2 new games would match a used and or new DSi.

Yes, the DSi can connect with the Wii just like an ordinary DS can with game demo downloads, new game features, and Miis in some games.

Only if you have a new one repaired from Nintendo.

The DSI has a whole bunch of new features, flipnote studio, sounds, camera (etc.), it has almost everything a DS lite has except for the game boy slot thingy, the dsi doesnt have that. But it has everything else

first off a gba game is just short for game boy advance games, which means that if u get the dsi u cant play those games on the dsi, so if you have older games, such as older Pokemon games, that u would want to play on the dsi, i would stick ith the ds, but if that doesnt really matter to u its no biggie. They would never create a new system and make the game generation below it unplayable, so just like the wii plays gamecube games the dsi will play ds games, and yes that includes Pokemon ;)! Personally i like the ds but ive had it for a while, you cant go wrong with either. See the related links for a side-by-side comparison. GOOD LUCK

You buy new super mario bros 2 and you get a free donkey kong game

The best place to go to find a good deal on Game Boy SP games is Amazon. They have a range of cheap Game Boy SP games available, new and used. You can also find some cheap Game Boy SP games at Lukiegames.

The first Pokemon games to come out in America was in 1998 Pokemon blue Pokemon red and Pokemon yellow for the game-boy color. Then about 2 years later the sequels to those games came out. they were Pokemon gold and Pokemon silver. After that three other games came out. They were Pokemon ruby sapphire and emerald for the brand new game-boy advance and game-boy advance Sp. Then after those games the remakes of the first two games came out Pokemon fire red and Pokemon leaf green also for the game-boy advance. Then Pokemon evolved completely with the coming Pokemon diamond pearl and platinum for the new Ds. Which featured a touch screen and a game boy game slot so you can still play your favorite game-boy games. Then after a few years the ds itself changed. Nintendo soon came out with the new Ds light with a new sleek design. after wards they redesigned the ds and made the dsi. it had a camera and Internet capabilities. it also had a voice recorder and you could put different apps on it. then after they remodeled the system they made the remakes of Pokemon gold silver and crystal. Pokemon heart gold and soulsilver. now there is 2 more games out and a new system Pokemon black and Pokemon white for the dsi. also the new system that's coming out soon is the 3dsi. there aren't many details on it right now but what I've seen of it makes me really excited.I think the first games to be released were 'Pokemon - Red' and 'Pokemon - Blue'

according to Nintendo, almost all Ds games play on the DSi; the one's that will not play are the ones that require a gba pack,such as the opera browser, and the Guitar hero games.

to be connected to your TV: (old->new) Color TV Game series NES SNES N64 Gamecube Wii Handhelds: (Old->new) Nintendo Game & Watch Nintendo Game Boy Game Boy Pocket Game Boy Color Game Boy Advance Game Boy Advance SP Nintendo DS (Lite) Nintendo DSi (XL) Nintendo 3DS (not the real name, will be announced at the E3 this year) There was also the Virtual Boy but it was bad for the gamers health, so it wasn't produced very much.

no. the games that you download are licenced to that system. the guy at Nintendo told me that because i had to get my dsi replaced and i tried to download the games on the new system but i could not so the guy gave me new points to buy the games back.

Game for sure And probably gamestation and argos

OK. So, first you insert your game. Then you go to [Add New Game]. Put your game name in and then you press [Start].These are instructions for AR DSI.

Considering the huge size of the new DSi LL/XL, which does not have a GBA slot, it is unlikely a further model will have it. It was initially removed from the original DSi due to size constraints, the console would be just too big and bulky for what Nintendo envisioned for it.

Some do yes, but Not all. i recommend you test them first, in a new game.

1. you can choose the language you know 2. buy dsi games to learn

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