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You can use them with Guitar Hero: Metallica, Guitar Hero Smash Hits, and guitar hero 4

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2009-08-11 17:35:08
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Q: Can you use Guitar Hero World Tour drums with other Guitar Hero games?
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Will Guitar Hero World Tour drums and mic work with Guitar Hero 3 and other versions of Guitar Hero?

You cannot use the drums and mic on previous games because the controllers were not made at the time that guitar hero 3 was made.

Can you play Guitar Hero games with rock band guitar and drums on PS3?

No, its the other way around. You can play guitar hero with rock band drums on the 360.

Can you use rock band 2 drums on guitar hero 5?

Of course! Because Rock Band Drums worked on Band Hero, Guitar Hero 5 and other Guitar Hero games!

Does the guitar hero guitar and drums work with band hero?

Yes. all guitar hero instruments, for the same system, can be used for other Guitar Hero games/Music games also from activision like Band Hero.

Do drums from Wii rock band work with other game systems?

It will work on Guitar Hero World Tour, Guitar Hero V, (5) AND Guitar Hero Van Halen if they are on Wii. If you try to use the drums on any other sysem, it will not work.

Can you use Guitar Hero drums on Guitar Hero 3?

No. There are no drum charts in that game. You can only use them for Guitar Hero World Tour and any other Guitar Hero newer than World Tour.

Can you play other Guitar Hero games on Guitar Hero world tour?


Can you play Rock Band ACDC with the Guitar Hero World Tour drums?

The AC/DC Rock Band track pack is not compatible with the drums from Guitar Hero: World tour. Rock Band 2 was the first Rock Band game to support the GH:WT drums. Other peripherals from GH:WT, such as the guitar, will function with the game. !?!?! My drums worked on it!!!!! So, yeh, they DO work.

Can you use Guitar Hero world tour drums to play Guitar Hero 6?

Yes, you can :) They work fine with Warriors of Rock, and with any other Guitar Hero game from World Tour onwards!

Can you play Guitar Hero with rock band drums and guitar and microphone?

i think you can... it depends which type of guitar hero you have (:guitar hero 5 you definatly can (:you can use the rock band 2 drums for guitar hero 6, and i think u can use the rock band 1 and 2 drums on other guitar hero games as well.the guitar works fine on all systemsthe mic also workshope this helps...x

Can you use a Guitar Hero world tour guitar with Guitar Hero 3?

Yes, the World Tour guitar will work with Guitar Hero 3, along with all other Guitar Hero games.

Can you use the Rock Band drums guitar and microphone on Guitar Hero world tour for Wii?

you can not use the drums because there are more pads in guitar hero and you can not use your guitar because one is wireless and the other isn't i don't now about the micerphone Actually, you can. The Rock Band drums will make it so a pad is taken off when you play. The Guitar will not do anything extra with the solo buttons. The microphone shouldn't change at all.

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