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Yes. That's the only way I've ever made lip gloss. You can check out for stuff on beauty.

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Does lip gloss contain Vaseline?

I'm not sure but you can look on the ingredients on your lip gloss.

Is Victoria's Secret lip gloss made out of pig?

no most of ther lip glosses are made of vaseline and flavoring

Is it better to use beeswax or Vaseline in chapstick?

It's better to use beeswax because Vaseline is too greasy to use in chapstick or any lipstick, except for lip gloss. If you're making LIP GLOSS then you should definitely use Vaseline. Otherwise don't use it.

How do you make fruity lip gloss?

You get Vaseline add lipstick and some fruit flavoring and Voila!

How do you make easy lip gloss at home?

Mix pink hued loose eyeshadow with vaseline.

What makes lip gloss sticky?

A lip-gloss that is sticky usually has less oils compared to waxes in it. Certain ingredients a company uses will also make a lip-gloss "sticker". If you mix in oil, such as castor oil, it will thin the lip-gloss out, and it will not feel as sticky. Who ever wrote Vaseline really needs to do their homework BEFORE answering:)

What are common household ingredients for making makeup?

A common household ingredient for making makeup such as mascara and lip-gloss or lip balm is Vaseline.

How do you keep lipgloss shiny all day?

Answer: Bring the lip gloss with you, just in case or you can put Vaseline (petroleum jelly) on and then put the lip gloss over it. Another answer: Put on the lip gloss and bring it with you. Immediately after you put on the gloss, put on EOS lip balm and lightly smear it over the lip gloss. Blend it in and apply the EOS every 45 minutes or so. Also, don't touch your lips if you can avoid it. If you eat or drink, the shine will come off!

How do you create lip gloss?

you create lip gloss from a kit to make lip gloss from the store

What color of lip gloss is best?

Lip gloss...its practical..lip(a body part) gloss (shimmery substaince.) Lip gloss is like lipstick only lip gloss is alot thinner and makes your lips sparkly. I advise you use pink lip gloss. Its the best!

What ingredient in lip gloss makes it glossy?

?The ingredient is castor oil! That is why all of the?lip gloss around the world is glossy! Oh and if u wanna make ur own lip gloss get some vaseline petrolium jelly, a container to put in ur lip gloss, a mixer, and a blush or an eyeshadow! If u want pink lip gloss then do pink eyeshadow or blush!! U just get a vaseline and a blush or eyeshadow whichever works 4 u and then u mix it up and there u go!!actually coconut oil is the natural oil put in every lipgloss but yes caster oil is used sometimes. eyeshadow or blush is bad for you.

How was lip gloss invented?

it was invented by the making of Vaseline and they just added any thing that would make it shiny colorfull or smelly

Can you make lip gloss out of plants?

You probably could with crushed up plants or plant oil mixed with petroleum jelly or vaseline.

What is the best lip gloss?

Contributors have said: Nivea Kiss of Shine is the best lip gloss. Mentha Lip Tint is the best lip gloss.

What are lip gloss applicators called?

Lip gloss applicators are called just that! Lip gloss applicators - sometimes they may be called lip wands.

Is Vaseline rosy lips a bad lip balm?

no, vasaline is a very good lip balm its better then normal lip balm because lip balm, lip gloss and mostly lip stick they all have led and fish scales in them. SO USE VASALINE THATS WHAT I DO

Is there a lip gloss recipe for kids?

Vaseline with either some slight red food coloring or try essential oils like orange.

Can you get Chlamydia from sharing lip gloss?

You won't get chlamydia from lip gloss.

Is there a lip gloss day?

not that i know of i researched it and there is no lip gloss day.

How do you make lip gloss?

Materials:-petroleum jelly (like Vaseline)-powdered eye shadow (if you don't have powdered you can just stir it to make it powdered)-a small cup-spoonDirections1) get the spoon and put some petroleum jelly (Vaseline) in it.2) then pour some of the eye shadow into the cup.3) stir fully.4) Enjoy.-This lip gloss is very glossy and is a great lip moisturiser.

Why is lip gloss made?

Lip gloss is made because girls need lip gloss to keep there lips from being messed up.

Is lip gloss an element?

No. Lip gloss is a heterogenous mixture of chemical compounds. Lip Gloss is not its own element and does not appear on the period table.

Info about lip gloss?

lip gloss is, of course, applied on the lips, and comes in many colors. if you let your lipstick dry, you can apply a lip gloss over it for added color. DO PUT GLOSS ON TOP OF GLOSS, because the gloss dries out. lip gloss is pretty and you can put on top other glossess

When was lip gloss made?

the first lip gloss ever made was in 1930.

What kind of lip gloss does Demi Lovato use?

Cherry lip gloss!

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