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Q: Can you use Xbox 360 vision camera for ooVoo or stickam?
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Do you need to buy a card for the camera on Xbox 360?

A card? If you're talking about the xbox live vision camera, you plug it into the xbox and boom, its working.

How do you send pictures through Xbox LIVE without a Xbox camera?

You can't. You need to waste your money on either a Xbox Live Vision Camera or a Xbox Connect.

Can you play with a xbox live vision camera without xbox live?

yes its only used for xbox live to send pictures of you to your friends

Can your xbox Kinect sensor work on ooVoo?


How do you get your own picture on xbox live?

You need to either have an XBOX Live Vision camera, or upload some through or with a flash drive.

Can you use a Kinect sensor to take a picture?

No, sadly you can't. When you try and take a picture it says 'Connect your Xbox LIVE Vision camera'. So, you have to have a Xbox LIVE Vision Camera to take pictures on your Xbox 360. I don't know why this is because it takes photos alight whilst playing a game.

How do you scan your face into Rainbow Six Vegas 2?

You need an eyetoy/webcam/xbox live vision camera

Can you use the Xbox live vision as a camera when attached to your computer not a webcam but to take actual pictures?

Yes you can, you do have to get drivers for it.

How can you send a picture message with Kinect?

No, you will have too use the Xbox live vision camera for sending picture messages.

Can you use the Xbox Kinect to send pictures?

You would like to think you could, however when you try to take a picture it tells you to connect your Xbox LIVE Vision Camera. So you can't, sadly.

How do you get your real picture on Xbox live?

With an Xbox camera.

Can you install HyperCam on a Xbox?

A computer program cannot be installed onto a gaming system so, no. The only way to achieve something similar to the HyperCam would be to use the Xbox Live Vision Camera. ---improved answer--- You cannot use HyperCam on your Xbox 360 or Xbox One but if i were you, i would check out Roxio

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