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Most, but not all, digital cameras will record videos.

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Digital or Analog media. Digital recorders record with bit's and bytes and have a file structure that is versatile enough to be read by many digital media devices. Video cameras that record on to what ever they record on to like a VHS tape or 35mm film are specific to certain machines. if the video camera is recording to a CD, DVD, or removable flash card SD, SD mini, CF, MD, MS/PRO/Duo, XD then it is digital video camera. Non removable hard drives on a camera but also in digital formats are also considered digital. in short if it is ready for your computer without going through some kind of analog digital interface like a VHS player with a digital output like S-Video or the use of a analog video input on the computer itself then it is a digital video camera

The main benefit of a digital movie camera over a regular video camera is the ability to store more video in a smaller space. With a regular video camera you will need to use cassettes which are bulky and limited storage capacity. With a digital camera the disks are small and have large storage capacities.

It is a camera that can record photographs and stores them digitally. Most use small removable cards to record the photos on.

Any video camera made by Sony (Sony NXCAM) or Canon (XF300) should be a good quality camera that a professional photographer can use for digital video needs.

You can use a digital camera to focus the picture , regular cameras dont have it, it can record videos, edit, and an easier way to zoom into a scene.

An actual camcorder or video camera should be used instead of a digital camera or web camera. Record a test video first and check to see if the resolution and contrast is appropriate to reveal the subtleties of the makeup.

My camera can't record a video because I do not have a memory card.

You can use a video camera that is compatible with mini dv tapes. Besides a video camera some audio recording devices might be able to record on mini dv tapes. But this will only be for audio, not video.

If you use a video camera or a camera to record it, here's how: 1. Connect the video camera/camera to your computer with USB wire. 2. Open youtube and log in (if you have a account) 3. The rest is up to you.

most digital cameras support video and often have microphones, however size and quality of the video will often be poor. you would be better buying a specic video camera if you want to shoot more profetionally

Windows Movie Maker's Import Video does not support importing video from a web camera or analog video source such as a VCR. To use video from your web camera, you can use the software that comes with the camera to record the video to your computer. Then you can import it into the program.

No. Windows Movie Maker is a video editing program not a camera.

Use your computer if it's got a burner. eD

You can't connect to your digital video camera with Windows Movie Maker. You can only connect/find a camcorder with the program. That doesn't mean you can't use your digital camera video though. You may need to convert it to a format compatible with Windows Movie Maker though before importing it into the program.

Yes, many videos are created by using a digital camera. Although, it would be a good idea to upload the video file to your computer, use a video editor, and then upload it onto YouTube so that your video will seem professional looking instead of a rough draft look.

the camera has changed in shape in use. the camera is also a video camera and is now used on phone ipods and more . The 'dude' who wrote this ^^^^^^. Spelled camera wrong.... HAHHAHAHHAHAH. DO NOT use information from him.

For Traditional drawing (drawing on paper): -You can use a video camera to record. A tripod can support the camera so that you don't have to hold it. For Digital drawing: -A screen recorder can help. I might recommend you to get Camstudio screen recording software. It's in their site, free and downloadable.

A pet camera is a small digital video camera which is attached to an animals collar. This gives the owner an insight into what the animal does when the owner is not around.

A Digital Camera is used for record and store the images or photo in a digital form. Today many models are available that also used for record sound and video also. A digital camera is very use full to capture a image and after that store it in computer and processing it and print... In a digital camera a key for press or record a image or capture a image. Flash- it is a lighting device that is automatically on when the shutter key or button was pressed... it give a better effect in night. Memory Card- its simply store the image that was captured. Lens- its used to set camera on a object CCD- its called Charged Coupled Device(CCD)

the ability to view and delete photos directly from the camera some/most can film video some/most are smaller digital cameras are more economical to use

You use a digital scanner to record the pictures as digital picture files for a computer....OR.... a picture of each picture taken with a digital camera.... its easy to do.

its not possible you can only use your cameras when your on a skype video call

HD digital camcorders are hand-held video cameras for consumer use which allow the use to record video in high definition quality. They can be connected to an HD television for viewing, or to a computer to be edit the video footage.

Yes you can use a SLR lens as an attachment on some digital camera. You will have to check the camera to see if there is an attachment that is available on the camera.

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