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You'll be able to get a sound out of it for practice, but the tone probably won't be very good. The size of the speaker cone required to produce the bass (12") means it won't really be responsive enough to deal with the higher note on the guitar successfully.

I don't THINK it'll damage guitar or amp. It shouldn't damage your bass amp, but if you use a bass with a guitar amp it will pretty much destroy the amp.

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What is the difference between an acoustic electric guitar and a standard electric guitar?

An acoustic electric guitar differs from a standard electric guitar in the fact that a standard electric guitar depends solely on the electricity of the amplifier to convert the string vibration. An acoustic electric guitar also has also a microphone which will magnify and convert the sound.

Can any electric guitar amp work with any electric guitar?

All standard electric guitars should work with an amplifier, it is recommended that a bass amp is used with a bass guitar.

Can an electric-acoustic guitar be plugged in to a amplifier?

Yes. An acoustic-electric guitar plugs into an amplifier the same way a regular electric guitar does.

What equipment do you need to get started on an electric guitar?

To get started on an electric guitar you will need and electric guitar (obviusly), an amplifier (there are a lot of types, depending on the volume and size that you want) and a guitar cable (connects the guitar with the amplifier).

In 1922 who was the electric guitar made by?

The Gibson Guitar corporation produced the first electric guitar in 1922 and it was called the Gibson L-5. Gibson Guitar corporation was founded in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

What are the benefits of an electric guitar amplifier?

The benefits of an electric guitar amplifier are the increased energy content to the signal the guitar produces and the available tone controls. The amplifier is a staple of guitarists for those reasons.

What are the guitars of dr House?

they are Gibson and fenders What I recall: - Gibson Flying V electric guitar - Gibson Les Paul electric guitar - Gibson Hummingbird acoustic guitar (which House bought new to replace an old guitar) - Fender Stratocaster electric guitar - A steel guitar, don't know model I think the last two are gone. Maybe Gibson is making product placement in the show, huh?

Can you use an electric guitar amp with an electric acoustic guitar?

If the electric acoustic guitar is equipped with the appropriate equipment for amplification, then the guitar is suitable for any amplifier.

How did the electric guitar get its name?

it is a guitar that uses electricity to make the amplifier work, si they decided to call it the "electric guitar"

Where can one purchase a Gibson electric guitar?

Gibson electric guitars can be purchased from many music stores and retailers. Some examples of stores that sell Gibson electric guitars include zZounds and Guitar Center.

Which country is the Gibson electric guitar from?

This guitar is from the United States of America.

Can you use a radio as an electric guitar amplifier?

yes you can

Can an electric guitar be played without an amplifier?


Can you use an electric guitar in an acoustic amplifier?


How loud can an electric guitar get?

Depends on how loud the amplifier is.

What is the meaning of acoushic guitar?

An ACOUSTIC guitar, means that the guitar is not electric, and does not require an amplifier to be heard.

What is the main reason of making electric guitar?

to be heard , the electric guitar without an amplifier is a very quiet instrument

What does the electric guitar have to do with electricity?

The electric guitar is connected to an amplifier, which is then connected to the mains electricity. On the Electric Guitar there are objects under the strings called pickups. These sense sound waves from the strings vibrating, and then send it down the lead to the amplifier. The amplifier then converts these signals into sound, which is reproduced through the speaker.

How do you amplfier an electric guitar?

with a guitar cable into the guitar and into a guitar amplifier. For beginners I recommend the line 6 pod.

Where could one buy cheap electric guitar and amp?

One may find an electric guitar and amplifier package on the website for Amazon. One may also find a used electric guitar and amplifier on the eBay website at a reasonable price.

Does every guitar need a amplifier to record?

For an electric guitar you definitely need an amplifier because the guitar on its own is pretty quiet. If you play an acoustic guitar you can use an amplifier to make your guitar louder and more hearable but you don't have to in order to record it.

What is the electric guitar?

It is a guitar that is fitted with Pic-ups these are used to capture the sound from the strings and relay it via and amplifier/speaker, to connect the guitar to the amplifier/speaker you use a guitar lead.

Plug electric guitar to acoustic amplifier?

Yes, you can plug an electric guitar into an acoustic amplifier. But I would suggest that you don't play at a high volume for a long period of time of the difference in impedence - an acoustic guitar (and bass and vocals) is low impedence, where an electric guitar (& keyboard) is high impedence.

What is the difference between a acoustic guitar and an electric acoustic guitar?

An Electric Acoustic Guitar is an acoustic guitar with the addition of a pickup or transducer that enables plugging it in to an amplifier. Type your answer here...

Which is more popular acoustic electric guitar?

Gibson les paul Gibson les paul