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The black charger for the original DS (not the lite) is exactly the same as the charger for the GBA.

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Q: Can you use a nintendo ds charger on a Game Boy?
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Does a Game Boy charger work on a ds?

On the original Nintendo DS yes they use the same charger, but on the Nintendo DS lite and Nintendo DSi that is not the case.

Is a Nintendo DS charger the same as a Nintendo Game Boy charger?

The original DS model uses the same charger as the GBA SP. This cannot be used with the DS Lite, DSi or DSi XL as they all use different connectors.

How do you charge a Nintendo DS whithout the regular charger and without a Game Boy Advance SP charger?

you could use a car charger if you happen to have one, otherwise there are no other ways to change it :'(

Can you use a Game Boy DS charger on a Game Boy SP?

No it does not. NO

Can you use a Game Boy Advance charger on a Game Boy Advance SP?

No the Gameboy Advance SP has a seperate charger made for it.

Does the Game Boy advance sp use the same charger as the Game Boy advance?

no the sp has a charger while the gameboy uses batteries

Can you use a ds charger on a Game Boy sp?

Nasir No

How do you use the charger of Game Boy advance?

You dont there is non you change the batteries. And I have a game boy advance my self.

Do Game Boy Advance chargers work for Game Boy Colors?

Both the Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color use AA batteries so it does not have a charger.

Can the Nintendo dsi charger be used on original Game Boy and the Game Boy Advance and gba sp?

The original Gameboy and the original GBA use batteries. The GBA SP has a charger, but the 'jack' is one that fits the GBA SP (and original DS) only. A DSi charger fits only the DSi, it will not work with any other model of DS or GBA, even the DSi XL.

How do you play GBA games on the GameCube?

Playing Game Boy Advance games on the Nintendo GameCube requires the use of the Nintendo Game Boy Player, a separate hardware accessory that attaches to the bottom of the GameCube. Use of the Nintendo Game Boy Player allows Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games to be played on the television or other display to which the GameCube is connected. Also, handheld systems that play Game Boy Advance games can be connected to the GameCube and/or Game Boy Player in order to act as controllers.

How do you connect the Game Boy to the Nintendo 64?

There is no specific device that allows you to connect a Game Boy to a Nintendo 64. The closest to this is the Transfer Pak, which allows you to use Pokemon from Game Boy Pokemon games on Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Stadium 2, and transfer characters from the Game Boy Mario Tennis game to the Nintendo 64 version.

Can I use the Nintendo DS charging cable to charge a DSi XL?

No. The charger for the original DS is only compatible with the DS and Game Boy Advance. The charger that the DSi XL uses is the same as the one used by the DSi and 3DS.

Does a GBA's charger fit into a Nintendo ds?

No it does not, you need to use your ds charger.

Can you use Nintendo DS games for dsi?

yes but you cant use the GBA (game boy advance) games on the Nintendo dsi

Can you charge your 3DS with another charger?

Yes, the Nintendo 3DS can use any 3DS charger, as well as the Nintendo DSi chargers.

Is it possible that you can fit a old ds charger in a game boy advance?

The very first model of the DS uses the same charger as the GBA. In fact if you look at the DS charger, it says it is 'for use with AGS-001 & NTR-001 only'. NTR is the code for Nintendo DS, AGS is the GBA.

Can the Nintendo DSi use a 3DS charger?

No. A DSI cant use a 3DS charger.

Can you use Nintendo Game Boy color games on the Nintendo ds?

no you cant unfortunately, wish you could though

Can you use a Nintendo DS Action Replay on Game Boy Advance games?


Does the Nintendo DS lite use the same charger a Nintendo 3DS?

No, the chargers are different.

How do you use a gbc on a n64?

Insert only one Game Boy Color game cartridge into the Nintendo 64 when you have a Game Boy Color game cartridge case. If you get the black screen instead of the game,turn the Nintendo 64 on only one time.

Can you use the Game Boy Advance Games on the Nintendo DS?

Yes, there is a slot for the GameBoy games at the bottom of the Nintendo DS.

Can a Nintendo Game Boy be used as a Nintendo GameCube controller?

Generally no, the Game Boy can't be used as a GameCube controller However, there are a few games (ie. The Wind Waker, Four Swords Adventure) that do have Game Boy Advance connection, where you can use a GBA connector and use the Game Boy Advance as a controller, but this limited to a handful of games

How do you transfer Game Boy game to Nintendo game?

you have to have Pal park and 1 of your Pokemon have to know how to use surf out of a battle.

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