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On the original Nintendo DS yes they use the same charger, but on the Nintendo DS lite and Nintendo DSi that is not the case.

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โˆ™ 2009-12-04 22:44:37
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Q: Does a Game Boy charger work on a ds?
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Will a Game Boy ds charger recharge a Game Boy micro?

DS lite charger will work on a GBMicro, DSi and DS normal don't work. DS works with all SP models.

Can a Game Boy charger work a Nintendo ds?


Will a Game Boy sp charger work on a Game Boy ds?

some types

Can a Nintendo DS lite charger work on a Game Boy Advance SP?

No, the dark grey Nintendo DS lite charger is different than the black original Nintendo DS & Game Boy Advanced SP charger.

Can you charge a Game Boy advance with a ds lite charger?

No. The GBA and the original DS use the same black charger, but the dark grey DS lite charger won't work on either.

Does a ds light charger work on a game boy advanced sp?

yu ?

Can a Nintendo ds charger work on a Game Boy advance sp?


Can Game Boy advance Sp chargers work on Nintendo DS lite?

No. The DS lite charger is much smaller than the SP charger.

Will a ds lite charger work in a micro Game Boy?

no it will not work cause the gbm has a bigger slot than a ds lite sorry :(

Can you use a Game Boy DS charger on a Game Boy SP?

No it does not. NO

Does any other charger work with a Game Boy micro?

Any gameboy charger will work. I dont think so. I have Nintendo Ds, Ds Lite, And Dsi Chargers and none of them work. It takes a longer charger head. The gameboy sp charger wont work either.

Can you use a nintendo ds charger on a Game Boy?

The black charger for the original DS (not the lite) is exactly the same as the charger for the GBA.

what is a good charger for the Game Boy Advance?

I would the OEM charger > Game Boy Advanced SP / DS Battery Charger OEM AGS-002

Can you charge a Nintendo ds with a Game Boy advanced charger?

You should be able to, i mean that's what i do. I've been using my game boy charger for my Nintendo DS for years and nothings happened to it.

Can you use a ds charger on a Game Boy sp?

Nasir No

Can you charge a ds with a Game Boy charger?

no it doesn't fit

Can the Nintendo dsi charger be used on original Game Boy and the Game Boy Advance and gba sp?

The original Gameboy and the original GBA use batteries. The GBA SP has a charger, but the 'jack' is one that fits the GBA SP (and original DS) only. A DSi charger fits only the DSi, it will not work with any other model of DS or GBA, even the DSi XL.

Why want my Game Boy game work in my ds?

The DS cannot play Game Boy Games.

Can a normal DS charger work for a 3DS?

No. The regular DS/GBA charger, and the DS lite charger, do not work with a 3DS. But the DSi charger does.

Can you charge your Game Boy micro with a ds lite charger?

no you cant the one for the ds lite is to small for the micro

Can a Game Boy ds light charger recharge a Game Boy micro?

No it can not. It can't fit because i tried it and it was a waste of money.

Is a Nintendo DS charger the same as a Nintendo Game Boy charger?

The original DS model uses the same charger as the GBA SP. This cannot be used with the DS Lite, DSi or DSi XL as they all use different connectors.

Can you use a Game Boy charger on a DS?

i belive that there not the same size You can use it on the really old DS. No other.

Do Game Boy advance and ds games work with a Game Boy colour?

No, they do not work

Can Game Boy SP play Game Boy games?

Yes they can. they also work with Nintendo DS and DS lite. (they don't, however, work with DS i, sorry.)