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"radial" has to do with how the reinforcing fabric is added to a tire. And since there isn't any reinforcing fabric added to tubes(they have to be able to expand) there's no such thing as a "radial" tube.

But if you're asking about if tubes can be used in supposedly tubeless tires - then the answer is yes. It's an old trick to deal with leaky rims.

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Q: Can you use a radial inner tube in a regular tire?
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Is it safe to put an inner tube in a radial car tire?

if the tube is radial too

Can you use an inner tube in a steel belted radial tire?

Yes, but you should balance it.

Can an inner-tube be used on a tubeless type tire?


Is it safe to use radial tube with non-radial tire?

You can use a radial tube in a bias ply tire BUT you can not use a bias tube in a radial tire. The sidewall flex of a radial tire is greater than that of a bias ply. A bias tube cannot flex as rapidly as a radial tube and so the resulting friction or rubbing create too much heat and the tire/tube combination will blow.

My tire is very good and was cut with a knife can the inner tube be used to save the tire?

There is no inner tube and sidewall damage can not be repaired.

what is a radial tire?

Radial tires came about in the '70's, and have an interior tube, as opposed to the older tires, which were solid rubber.

How do you fix a sidewall leak on a bike tire?

Put an inner tube in the tire.

What is the purpose of a tire inner tube?

To hold air.

Is it ok to put a 26x1.375 inner tube in a 26x1.5 bicycle tire?

Sure, the inner tube is just a stretchy rubber bladder. It'll expand until the tire stops it.

Should inner tube be inflated outside the tire?

It doesn't hurt to inflate a tube outside the tire (assuming you use low pressure - you can't inflate it to the same pressure that you could when it's in a mounted tire!), if that's what you are asking. If you are asking about the recommended procedure to replace an inner tube, you want to have the inner tube (mostly) deflated, then put it in the tire and mount the tire. Then partially inflate and deflate the inner tube (so it can move and work twists out). (I usually pull the valve out and go through a few inflate/deflate cycles so the tube can situate itself. Then I replace the valve and fill the tire.)

How do you install inner tube in a tire?

remove old valve & install new tube simple

Can you use a tubeless radial motorcycle tire on a tube type rim?

According to Dunlop's site, "With a tube inserted, a tubeless tire may be fitted to a tube-type wheel." They offer one warning though: "Do not fit tubes in radial motorcycle tires, nor fit radials on rims requiring tubes, unless the tubes bear matching size and radial (R) markings." So, as long as the tube is marked for radial use, you shouldn't have any problems running a tubeless radial tire with it. The same SHOULD apply to Bias ply tired, but I can no confirm that.