Can you use a toilet drain for a regular drain?


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As far as I have read in numerous code books there was nothing about regular drain.There are storm drains, sanitary, indirect , and waste lines BUT no regular drains so I reckon that the answer would be no
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Yes, as long as you seal the drain of the toilet you are removing.

You dont. A tub drain is too small for a toilet drain. You need to hire a professional to find a main line 3" or bigger to tie into for a toilet drain.

This can be a complicated job as the toilet drain ranges from 3" -4" and a variety of materials from Plastic to cast iron to galvanized. Then there is the venting to consider and NO a shower drain CANNOT be used for a toilet discharge as the shower drain is normally 2" diameter

You don't use caulk on a toilet. Between the tank and the bowl there is a foam gasket, to seal it to the drain in the floor, you use a wax ring. Either put the ring on the bottom of the toilet or on the drain and sit the toilet straight down on it. Make sure it is thick enough to make a good seal, there is the regular thickness one, an extra thick one and if needed, you can stack two on top of each other.

your toilet wont drain because your excrements are to big or you use to much paper when you wipe. To get your toilet working again, use a plunger. (see how to use a plunger) To stop this from happening again, flush down your excrement in multiple parts and cut down on toilet paper. Good luck!

No, a tub drain is too small for toilet plumbing. Toilet drains needs at least a 3" drain line and vented.

Usually toilet flange is glued down onto plastic drain pipe. There is a toilet flange that can be glued inside of plastic drain pipe also.

You just have to use a reducer to get it down to 1 1/2 or 2 inch.

The toilet flange sits on the floor and connects the toilet to the drain. It should connect to both.

Yes, as long as drain line is sized properly for toilet. 3" drain line would be minimum pipe size for toilet drain line to tie into.

If you are asking how far the drain is from the wall behind the toilet, it is 12 inches from the center of the drain to the wall behind the toilet.

On a standard toilet in America the drain is 12 inches from the back wall to the center of the drain.

Yes as long as the drain has a trap and is vented

Yes, but that's overkill. Use a regular toilet cleaner, or some bleach

A toilet will overflow when there is a blockage in the drain.

Yes. It is how the toilet is attached to the drain line.

12-13 inches to the center of the drain.... make sure your drain pipe is 1/4 inch drop per foot. also use the sweeping y drain if possible. leave lots of room for the flange. mount the toilet after the floor is in.

Ours does the exact same thing. Weird!! We are thinking it is something to do with the toilet as it is happenning to the drain that runs outside our house near the toilet wall?

The drain from the toilet to the main drain is plugged and the branch to the shower is not. If the main floor toilet flushes, it is between the two toilets and not between the house and the sewer.

Your drain line is plugged somewhere after your shower and toilet line are connected. The reason for the gurgle in your toilet is because air is trapped in the drain and your toilet is the closest place for air to flow to. If you had a vent on your toilet trap arm then it would gurgle in the vent rather in your toilet but your drain is still plugged and needs to be snaked out and maybe your drain line needs to be examined for right grade or broken.

The toilet itself is plugged or the pipe from the toilet to the drain is plugged. It may be that the tub and sink have their own drain pipe that may connect to the main away from the toilet drain. Plunge the toilet or sometimes if you fill a 5 gallon bucket with water and pour it into the toilet as fast as it will take it, that will flush out the line. It is a greater amount of water all at once an forces out what the clog is.

I can be but the toilet needs to have 24" in front of it to be legal. Plus you cannot tie your shower drain in the the horizontal branch of the toilet.

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