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Q: Can you use borax in your steam cleaner for carpets?
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At what types of stores can a consumer purchase a Bissell steam cleaner?

The types of stores that a consumer can purchase a Bissell steam cleaner are Bissell, Argos and Best Buy stores. Bissell steam cleaner is a houseware that one can use to clean carpets.

Is it okay to use a steam cleaner on auto carpet?

Yes, it is OK to use a steam cleaner on auto carpet. Like the carpets in homes, a steamer gently lifts dirt and grime out of any surface so it doesn't matter if it is auto carpet or not.

Is shampoo or steam more effective for cleaning carpets?

I am getting ready to clean my carpets. Is it more effective to use shampoo or steam?

Does it matter what cleaner you use with steam cleaner rentals?

It does not matter which type of cleaner you use with the machine as long as it is intended for that type of machine. Be sure that the cleaner states that it is for use with a steam cleaner.

Can you use a steam cleaner as a vacuum cleaner?

Overwhelmingly, no. There are only two steam cleaners available on the market with a built in vacuum. Most people don't buy them to use as a vacuum cleaner though, they are bought because the vacuum gives the steam cleaner the ability to clean carpets on top of their already well known ability to clean hard surfaces. There are some steam cleaners that can be used for carpets and rugs. In fact, they tend to clean the carpet better than most vacuums. They do a much better job at deep cleaning, removing carpet stains, eliminating allergens. Some provide the ability to achieve all of this without harmful chemicals.

Can you use borax one time and then use salt another time on your carpets for the fleas?

no because the to substances can cause a poisones fume

How much electrical power is required to run this steam cleaner?

This steam cleaner does not use any electrical power.

Can you use a steam cleaner on carpets laid over hardwood floor?

Yes you can as long as you are not concerned about damaging the underlying floor. If the floor is old and the finish in unimportant to you, you are fine. If you are looking at steam cleaning an area rug which is on a hardwood floor, that's a definite no-no and the as the water and steam can stain or buckle the hardwood.

What is a Karcher steam cleaner?

The Karcher steam cleaner comes in both a commercial and a home version. This steam cleaner is designed to work without the use of chemicals and will sanitize a tile or wooden floor.

What's the best brand detergent to use in a steam carpet cleaner?

The best brand of detergent to use in a steam carpet cleaner is the Bissel brand. It's what I use myself.

Can you use steam cleaner on stone flooring?


Do I have to use a certain cleaning product with this steam cleaner?

Some steam cleaners require certain cleaning products, while others use just tap water, so you should check the specific steam cleaner's requirements.