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You can use the NuvaRing to skip your monthly withdrawal bleeding by either A. Keeping the ring in for 3 continuous weeks, then taking it out and replacing it with a new one, repeat. or B. Keeping the ring in for 4 continuous weeks, then taking it out and replacing it with a new one, repeat. In my opinion it is probably best to do this only for certain occasions, like a wedding or a camping trip, but I don't think there have been any actually health risks associated with it. Then again, the ring hasn't really been around that long. Remember to consult your doctor before you make any changes in your Birth Control regimen.


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If your Nuvaring comes out, then your chances of pregnancy are the same as any female without contraceptive protection.

Discharge is a common side effect among women using NuvaRing. The typical discharge is clear, odorless, and without itching, and isn't a common cause of stopping NuvaRing.

Yes, if you leave NuvaRing in for more than four weeks without inserting a new one, you could get pregnant.

You can leave NuvaRing in for up to four weeks without any increased risk of pregnancy. If you leave it in for four weeks, insert a new ring immediately, without a ring-free week.

No, there has to be some contact with the bacteria and it has to enter your body through mucous membranes or an interuption in your skin.

You can breastfeed with or without NuvaRing in. If you are relying on NuvaRing for pregnancy prevention, taking it out to breastfeed is going to increase your risk for pregnancy. If you're breastfeeding while using NuvaRing, removing it for a few hours does nothing to improve your milk supply, but does make it less effective. Please contact your health care provider, pharmacist, or lactation consultant to discuss NuvaRing and breastfeeding, as it seems there has been some misunderstanding. NuvaRing may decrease milk volume, which could be important with a newborn. It does not affect the quality of the milk.

In the US, NuvaRing is only available by prescription.

It's not useful or wise to take the birth control pill if you're on NuvaRing. Doing so increases side effects without decreasing the risk of pregnancy.

No, there's no cause for concern. Continue using NuvaRing according to the schedule on the calendar, regardless of any bleeding.Continue using the ring as scheduled, according to the calendar, without regard to bleeding.

You have the same protection from NuvaRing with or without bleeding. Using a second method can increase protection, but it's not required just because you're bleeding.

Yes, but if you're doing so just to prove you're not pregnant, reconsider. Just take a pregnancy test instead, and continue using the NuvaRing on schedule. If you're trying to change the date of your period, just use the NuvaRing without taking the week-long break, rather than stopping the NuvaRing early and putting yourself at risk of pregnancy. Contact your health care provider for advice specific to your situation. If you want to stop NuvaRing, it's fine to remove it early. There's no other reason that I can think of in which removing NuvaRing early makes sense.

To skip your period using NuvaRing, just leave it in for the fourth week, and then insert a new one without taking a break. This may result in unscheduled spotting or bleeding, but it does not increase the risk of pregnancy.

Sometimes you can miss a period when using hormonal contraception. If you haven't made any mistakes using NuvaRing in the past month, there's no need for concern. If it happens again next month, take a pregnancy test contact your health care provider. If you did make a mistake in your NuvaRing use this month, or if you're having symptoms of pregnancy, take a pregnancy test. Insert the next NuvaRing on schedule regardless of whether you had bleeding after removing NuvaRing or not. Keeping on the schedule without regard to bleeding is important for NuvaRing's effectiveness.

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Nuvaring is another form of birth control medication. The birth control pill is over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy, so, Nuvaring is too. Whether you have vaginal intercourse, or just fool around, is irrelevant. Her chances of getting pregnant are still less than 1%.

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Anytime you want. No backup method is needed unless you went longer than seven days without taking a Yasmin pill.

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