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Can you use different bakugan elements?

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yes you can

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You know Bakugan has ended but will a new Bakugan start again?

yes but different bakugan and people in a different world

What are the Bakugan elements?

they are regular elements with different names light-haos dark-darkus ground-subterra fire-pyrus air-ventus water-aquos

Who is limulus's partner in Bakugan?

Limulus is a generic Bakugan, meaning there isn't just on in the show and different characters have them. However, Marucho was the character to use them the most.

Bakugan dimensions DNA CODES?

Yes in the online game Bakugan Dimensions you use DNA codes (which i think is stupid i have old bakugan) to use that bakugan on the game

What are Bakugan special abilities?

When the bakugan has something special. There are 3 abilities. Delta Dragonoids, and Dual Hydranoids are heavy metal. A bakugan is made of plastic, but these have metal. Skyresses have jumping. They are supposed to jump, but they don't. Preyas have element change. They change randomly to three different elements.

What is an evolved Bakugan?

simple a bakugan that is more powerful and in a different stage

How many bakugan traps can you use in battle?

You can use one for every three Bakugan.

In Bakugan can you use your Bakugan to knock your opponents Bakugan off?

yes you can in the arena play rules.

Is Bakugan good?

All people have different feelings for bakugan. So its your choice.

What is hades DNA code for bakugan dimensions?

It depends on the bakugan each code has a different bakugan and none of them share one

What are Bakugan traps?

Bakugan Traps are the new type of bakugan. They are not spherical. They are different shapes. You can add this bakugan into a battle involving your bakugan without a gate or ability card Hope this Helps Darkuslord

Can you use series 1 Bakugan with series 3 Bakugan?


In bakugan what is the black bronze bakugan?

I Think It's Just A Bronze Darkus Bakugan, Because They Have Different Kinds Of Bakugan Other Than Normal 1's

Can you use a bakugan more than once in a battle?

No. I a Bakugan is defeated you can't use it in the battle anymore. unless youre out of bakugan. if you run out then you can take them out of the used pile and use them again

Is there a poster of Bakugan season 3?

not if u mean the one with all the different bakugan on it

Bakugan trap can you have three Bakugan with bakugantrap?

You use 3 Bakugan (the Ball shaped ones), and 1 Trap.

Can you use Bakugan from different planets together?

yes for exsample you can use a darkas reaper and a aquas mantas together in the show they don't but you can

How do you make a real Bakugan?

You have to use ancient alchemy to insert a soul into a bakugan.

If the Bakugan Trap attribute does not match the regular Bakugan what does that mean?

You can not use the trap

What are the square Bakugan called?

there are different shapes than just square bakugan, which are called traps.

Which Bakugan come into the ds game of Bakugan?

The Bakugan game for DS is not really good because they only use Bakugan from series 1 and there are no New Vestroia bakugan so i don't recommend you buying it...

What does a trap Bakugan do?

You can use it with a Bakugan of the same atrribute and if it has a G-Power, you add that to your Bakugan's G-Power. Also, you can change the atrribute of your Bakugan to any atrribute on the Bakugan trap.

Can you use battle gear and bakugan traps at the same time in a bakugan battle?

Yes, you can.

Can you combine two bakugan and use them in battle?

Only if they are the special bakugan that combine together.

How do you use a trap Bakugan?

You use it with a Bakugan that has the same attribute as it and if it has a G-Power, you add thast to your Bakugan's G-Power. Also, you can change the attribute of your Bakugan to any of the atrributes on your trap.

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