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Here is a sample sentence/paragraph for you using the word fervor.

Bill did his gardening with great fervor and effort because he loved his roses and other flowers. His wife accused him of showing more fervor towards his flowers than he did her! He said he put a lot of fervor into his gardening because he loved the flowers and the activity of caring for them. He put no effort or fervor into painting the side of the house however. He had to admit to himself he was neglecting his wife and the fervor of their love had waned.

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The crowd cheered with fervor as the team scored the winning goal in the final seconds of the game.

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He ripped off her clothes with great fervor; his feelings for her were almost ineffable.

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"The fervor surrounding her campaign continued right through election day"

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Q: Can you use fervor in a sentence?
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How can you make a sentence for fervor?

The conclusion of the election brings an end to much fervor.

How do you use a ebb in a sentence?

The ebb and flow of the water hypnotized me.

How do you use the word fervor in a sentence?

(fervor is a state of great emotion, intensity, or belief.)"He spoke with great fervor about his accomplishments in the face of adversity.""Due to the work of the missionaries, a religious fervor spread throughout the islands.""The fervor of the colonists for control of their own destiny led to them to armed rebellion."

What does fervor mean?

Fervor means the strength of feeling.

How do you use the word culminate in a sentence?

Tina wanted the movie to culminate with a happy ending. The nationalistic fervor of Europe would culminate in the first World War.

When was Fervor EP created?

Fervor EP was created in 1983.

When was Fervor Records created?

Fervor Records was created in 1990.

What is the difference between fervor and fervid?

Fervor is a noun and fervid is an adjective

What is a 5 syllable word sentence about love?

Rapture, Enchant, Treasure, Fancy, Fervor. I am sure there are more but that is all I can think of!

If an imperative sentence ends with an exclamation mark is it imperative or exclamatory?

An imperative sentence is a command or suggestion. It does not become an exclamatory sentence just because it ends in an exclamation mark. An exclamatory sentence expresses emotion or fervor, and may be declarative or interrogative (for example, a strong statement or an hysterical question).

What is the root word in this sentence bills fervor for politics began a heated debate?

A sentence does not have a root word. A root word is the main or original portion of most words. For example, the root of discrimination is the word " crime ". Perhaps you mean the key idea of your sentence ?

What rhymes with server?

fervor, observer, preserver