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Any bait can catch some fish at sometime.

Grapes though are not a good bait for fish in general as they are not a natural food of any fish.

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Q: Can you use grapes as fishing bait for fish?
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What is chatter bait, and do you use it outdoors?

A chatter bait is a king of lure/bait that you can use when you go fishing. You can use this along with other baits to fish. It is quite safe to use a chatter bait since you use it only to fish.

Do fish eat earthworms?

Yes, they do. If you go fishing, use earthworms as bait.

What happens when you use money as bait in flick fishing?

You catch bigger fish

How do you catch seaweed in flick fishing?

Go to waves of doom and use bait fish

What is good bait to use when you are fishing in 8 ft shallow saltwater?

Live or cut bait fish native to the water, artiffical lures (plugs or soft baits) that imitates bait fish.

Why would someone need to use swim bait?

Someone would need to use swim bait when going fishing. Swim bait is bait that looks and moves like a fish so real fish thinks it's one of them and go near it.

How do you use fishing bait on Runescape?

You should have rod in your inventory and fishing bait and if you have enough lvl you should catch trout or salamon in fishing spots. Good spot is when you go to barbariab village from varrock, you should see fishing spot just across the bridge. Try there.

How do you catch wahoo on flick fishing?

Waves of Doom. Use bait fish. Cast 210 ft.

What bait do you use for sardines in runescape?

Fishing bait

What is the best coarse fishing bait?

the best bait for coarse fishing would be maggots ,red ones are preferred for some reason the fish seem to go for them more often and in the colder times like November or October use pellets and boilies with ground-bait to attract the fish better.

What is the best way to fish on RuneScape?

The best way to fish on runescape is to use a net or a fishing rod and bait in draynor. Then it is easy to bank your fish

Is a carp fishing tackle better than live bait?

It depends on the fish. Most fish will prefer a live bait over a dead one so even if you use live bait if there is no wiggle left in it best to change it.