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No. You can not use karma koin in World of Warcraft. You can only use the official currency that is in the game, gold, silver, copper, honor, justice and conquest. Anything else is not eligible as currency.

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Q: Can you use karma koin in World of Warcraft?
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How do you use karma koin?

Karma Koin is quickly growing popular as an online payment method through the Karma Koin prepaid cards. Most people are not aware that it is possible to get <a href=" " title="Karma Koin"><b>karma koin</b></a> for your favourite game or website.With your free Karma Koin not only will you be able to buy whatever you desire you will also be helping the world by donating a percentage of your purchase to charity. Regardless of what you want free Karma Koin for the methods provided on this page will work for you.

Can you use karma koin on steam?

No, From what i know.

Where can you use karma koin?

I am guessing that you can only use it while online shopping...

How do you use entranced in a sentences?

I am entranced with the game World of Warcraft.

Where can you download World of Warcraft expansions for free?

World of Warcraft expansions must be paid for to use them.

What program did they use to make Warcraft 3?

"Warcraft 3 World Editor".

Do you log in with your battlenet account in World of Warcraft?

Yes, you use your account to log into World of Warcraft.

How do you use guest pass in World of Warcraft?

go to the world of warcraft website and set up an account and use the code to make the account

Is Warcraft online game?

Warcraft 2's expansion, Both Warcraft 3's and World of Warcraft are all online play. warcraft 2 and 3 use, while World of Warcraft is a paid subscription MMORPG

What hacked versions of World of Warcraft are there?

Hacking violates the term's of use for World of Warcraft. WikiAnswers does not give answers to hacking.

How do you use portals in World of Warcraft?

To use a portal you right-click on the portal.

What character on World of Warcraft can use summon imp?

The warlock