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I guess you could... but why? use Kaboom, it will clean it fast and easy and look a lot better.

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โˆ™ 2005-09-18 00:58:58
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Q: Can you use lemon juice to clean a really dirty tub?
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Lemon juice and pennies?

If you have a dirty/rusty penny the lemon juice will clean it.

What do you clean a dirty penny with?

you should clean a penny wit Lemon Juice.

Why is lemon juice able to clean dirty pennies?

Lemon juice is able to clean a penny because the juice is acidic. It is high in citric acid and able to remove the dirt and grease from the penny.

What 4 substances clean a dirty penny the best?

i think that ketchup,lemon juice,vinigar,tomato juice is the best

Can lemon juice cleans stains?

yes lemon juice can clean stains it cleans better than lemon juice

What other than lemon juice can clean pennies?

tomato juice, orange juice, grape fruit juice, lemon juice, lime juice, and pickle juice also can clean a penny

What color is lemon juice squeezed from a lemon?

A translucent dirty white.

How does lemon juice clean pennies?

The acids in the lemon juice eat away at the rust on the penny

How does the lemon juice affect the penny?

The acid cleans the rust off of the dirty penny making it shinny sparkle clean yeah.

How do you clean pennies whit juice best?

lemon juice

Cleaning Pennies with Fruit Juice is it lemon juice?

yes you use lemon juice to clean pennies because of the acid in the lemon juice hi with pie

Will apple juice clean a pennie or lemon juice grape juice?

LUMPS OF RICE! will clean your penny sir

Do lemon juice clean pennies?

Sort of. It depends on how old the penny is and how much lemon juice you use.

Why does lemon juice clean copper pennies?

Lemon cleans pennies the best because of the acid in the juice.

What can you clean with lemon juice?

Lemon juice cleans your hair! but make sure you condition it with egg whites.

What does the juice have that could actually clean pennies?

lemon juice + salt

Does lemon juice clean pennies?

yes, it does

What can clean silver jewelry?

lemon juice.

Does lemon juice clean silver?

in your dreams

Does lemon juice clean a barbecue?


How does peroxide clean pennies?

no, lemon juice is better to clean a pennie

Can you use lemon juice to clean leather?

don't know ask a lemon

What product cleans a penny better?

Lemon juice and salt can clean a dirty penny alsovinegar and salt

Does lemon juice clean a penny better than orange juice?


Will lemon juice clean cocaine out of the hair?