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Q: Can you use moisturizer after applying metronidazole?
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Should you use a moisturizer after applying epiduo?

It is recommended to wait 15-20 minutes after applying the Epiduo before you apply any kind of moisturizer! I tried putting moisturizer on my face before applying Epiduo and it really burned. So learn from my mistake and follow the directions :p

How do you use moisturizer in a sentence?

Potato's doesn't use moisturizer. There you go!

What is the fastest way to get rid of dried skin?

Exfoliate your skin, by useing a brush or a sponge, then use a lot of moisturiser if you can wrap it in something after applying moisturizer let it sit.

Can you use lotion as moisturizer?

yes they are the same, they both moisturise your skin. :)

Do guys want girls who use moisturizer?

99% if guys could not possibly care less if girls use moisturizer or not.

Can metronidazole gel be used during your period?

yes u can use metronidazole gel during your period

Can you still use a moisturizer if it is expired?

can you??

Can you use apo-metronidazole for gums infection?

A gum specialist did some surgery on my gum and he priscribed apo-metronidazole

Can you use metronidazole while on your period?

can you take metronidazole tablets for bv when on your period

Which is the best moisturizer to use for delicate skin?

Fresh Aloe Vera extract is the best moisturizer for sensitive delicate skin.

Can I use hair moisturizer on my face?

no but if you do you will look ugly

How do you keep your skin from peeling in winter?

Apply moisturizer. Moisturizer, moisturizer, moisturizer. That's the trick.