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Can you use the word concluding in a sentence?


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Q: Can you use the word concluding in a sentence?
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When do you use me at the end of a sentence?

u use a period and a concluding last sentence

What is is a concluding sentence?

a concluding sentence is when you write one sentence, and add another sentence

How do you write a concluding sentence on summer vacation?

Tie your concluding sentence to your thesis /opening sentence.

What part of speech is concluding sentence?

Follow these simple instructions to find your concluding sentence;1. get a lobotomy you should be removed from the human gene pool.2. find the second last fullstop (a small dot such as this . ) in the last paragraph.3. read until you see the last fullstop.4. what you read is the concluding sentence.5. contratulations your ready to start kindergarten.An answer to the actual question:The question is 'What part of speech is concluding sentence?', not 'How do you find the concluding sentence of a piece of writing?'.The word 'sentence' is a noun, and 'concluding' is an adjective that describes it. The two words together form a noun phrase.

What is the purpose of the concluding sentences?

The purpose of the concluding sentence is to restate the opening statement.

What is a concluding sentence for an egg exsperiment?

Nobody can answer this but you. The concluding sentence must be what you have learned from the experiment. You'll have to write your own sentence based on what your data was.

What is a strong concluding sentence?

a strong concluding sentence is a sentence,like at the end of an outline summarizing everything you wrote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pretty simple huh

Why is it important to write a concluding sentence?

A concluding sentence wraps up your writing and leaves the reader with a final thought. If you left your writing without a concluding sentence, the writing would end abruptly. A concluding sentence gives the piece of writing a better flow, and makes it easier to read. If you are still in school, if you don't write a concluding sentence you will get points taken off your grade.

What does a concluding sentence mean?

A sentence to sum up the the topic.

How should you start a concluding sentence?

"In conclusion"

Is the concluding sentence at the end?

Yes, Indeed

How do you write a good concluding sentence?

what should a good concluding paragraph for world war one be?

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