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Can you use virtual dj pro for discover dj?


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The discover DJ hardware is not among the controllers supported by Virtual DJ.

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Virtual DJ's website has a complete comparison of all the version of the software. See the related link below.

Nop, does not work. You get to use the ergo skin but that all.

Their are dj softwares like virtual dj and numark cue. More professional programs include Rane Serato and Tracktor Pro

u can get virtual dj from just as long as u download azureus first or use limewire get virtual dj 6.0 for free by watching a video on search up "how to get virtual dj for free.

how to operate virtual dj???

the best dj software depends on your djing level most of the people would go for virtual dj which has lots of great futures including all the basic classic stuff plus video djing aka VDJ and the whole program is easy to master virtual dj is well known for dj's between amateur and semi pro yet few well known pro dj's still use it while major part of pro dj's use tracktor which is more professional but harder and requires a bit of knowledge (IMO) to master

I use Virtual DJ and i think its alright. If u want to import beats you made on ableton live, then Virtual DJ is useless. I would recomend using traktor because its easy to use and u can import files from ableton or any other program that makes beats.

There are many online shops that sell virtual DJ. is one of online shop that sells virtual DJ for any kind of models and review. You can visit

If you mean a USB DJ Mixer, then try some of the freeware DJ programs such as: VIRTUAL DJ; CROSSDJ FREE; CUTEDJ. there are others as well.

dont know what he uses to dj, but he uses acid pro 7 for the beats.

Well, I would recommend finding Virtual Dj programs from Virtual DJ because they offer a variety of products and software. They also offer their products and software from an incredibly reasonable price.

Virtual DJ will save the BPM of a song that is loaded or analyzed as a part of the ID3 tag for the song automatically

on a mac you can use the program GarageBand on a PC you can use the virtual dj software mp3 mixer

from itunes how to put all the song to vitual dj

Yes, there are a lot of dj companies in Detroit that use a laser lighting show. One of them would be Pro Dj Services.

Generally speaking for products such as virtual dj you need 2gb and serato you need 2gb+ but don't consider this a minimum amount you need to consider how well your computer runs. if your using 1gb ram then i recommend to use virtual dj as you it will not be able to handle the buffer ( sending and receiving of information) of serato.

Well, I would recommend making virtual djs with Virtual DJ because they offer a variety of features and functions. They also offer their services for an incredibly reasonable price.

Serato is the most popular DJ system, but Virtual DJ and Traktor suppoort more external hardware. Try the demoes yourself and watch videos and decide for yourself.

There is a few company who selling Virtual DJ software, however I suggest you to get a DJ Console to its funnier. For those type of software you can check online, there is two big company who sell this product. There is Virtual DJ they are up to version 6 and there is also Traktor of Native Instruments, but its expensive.

The Mappers tab under Settings allow you to map almost any key to a Virtual DJ control.

Virtual DJ Home. download at your own risk, but it didn't affect my PC

Many websites host torrents for the software Virtual DJ, such as ThePirateBay. However, this is illegal and not recommended since it can cause you to face criminal charges. It is recommend much more to pay for the software since this is legal and supports the company behind Virtual DJ.

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